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If you find yourself wanting to achieve some goal but you cannot be motivated long enough to achieve it, personal development motivation article is for you. It does not matter if you want to start a new habit, develop a skill or change your character. All of this requires strong personal development motivation.

The biggest mistake you can make is to search for short cuts to achieve goals. By doing this, you waste your time and energy and stop your progress. In the long run, this will definitely de-motivate you from achieving success.

Even if the goal takes long to achieve, that’s okay. Time will pass anyway, so why not use it well and achieve something?

Strategy for keeping motivation high

If you find it hard to achieve goals, focus on one goal at a time. This way your mind will be concentrated on only one thing, and not distracted by anything else.

When you progress and achieve couple of goals this way, you will be able to set more goals at the same time. This way you will continually raise your personal development motivation because you will see positive results.

Always try to write down the deadline of the goal in your daily planner. You should keep referring to the deadline to keep your mind focused on accomplishing the goal on time.

Try to develop a habit of taking action every day towards your goal. This will increase your personal development motivation because you will be proud of yourself by being so pro-active. This, of course, will also gradually lead to the accomplishment of the goal.

Remove all distractions

You should stop doing activities that fail to get you closer to the goal (like watching TV or surfing internet). If you really cannot abandon activities as such, at least try to eliminate them from your life as often as you can.

If you are really serious about progressing in life, you should mainly do things that get you closer to your goals and keep away from distractions.

By doing this you will progress much faster and later on you will be grateful that you made such choice. Less cluster in your daily activities will improve your personal development motivation and make you feel in control.

Set priorities

If you know that there is some hard work that you must do to achieve your goal, don’t put it off. You should say to yourself that by accomplishing it you will tremendously shorten the time of your goal achievement. This will motivate you to complete whatever hard work there is.

If you feel you are still lacking personal development motivation, read some inspirational articles or self-help books. They will quickly get you back on track. You should keep doing whatever makes you happy and keeps you motivated. This usually means doing what you love, thinking positively and blocking yourself from negative influences.

If you are motivated for longer than usual, congratulate yourself. Acknowledging that you’ve done a good job really improves your personal development motivation.

Block negative influences

When you feel that you are getting upset or negative about accomplishing goals, you should stop for a while and reflect. Do you really want to achieve that particular goal? What would your life look like in 1, 5, 10 years from now if you quit? That should get your motivation back unless you realise that the goal is not as beneficial as you initially thought.

Also, many people give up because they listen to their friends and relatives who say ‘Be realistic!’ or ‘What if you fail?’ or something similar. Never ever listen to such destructive advice. Only you know what you are capable of, don’t let anyone get you down. Completely ignore everyone that has something negative to say about your goals.

You should be surrounded by people that raise your motivation, not the opposite. If all your friends and relatives are negative, stay away from all of them. Stay alone for a while, surround yourself with good books and other positive information. You will attract positive people as soon as your thinking becomes positive.

You should never give up your power to someone else and hope for the best. Best will never come to your life this way. Try to only listen to yourself and ignore everyone who tries to dissuade you from taking action.

No one will raise your personal development motivation but you. You hold 100% responsibility for everything in your life. Understanding this is the only way to achieve all your goals and excel in personal development motivation.

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