Penis Projectiles – Tips for Shooting Farther

Penis projectiles, more commonly known as projectile ejaculating, are something all men think about and many men actively pursue. Simply put, this is semen shooting on a grand scale: finding a way to cause the semen to erupt from the penis and fly as far and as forcefully as possible. While some men enjoy measuring and “scoring” their performance in this area, many men simply like the fact that projectile ejaculating is often accompanied by a more intense orgasm. Proper penis care is the basic ingredient needed for achieving exemplary semen shooting, but that is but the beginning.

An intense orgasm makes sense

It’s perfectly logical that penis projectiles usually go hand-in-hand with a really rousing climax; after all, in order to propel semen out of the penis as a long, determined arc, extreme pressure needs to be built up. That pressure is simultaneous with a release; hence the extended or intensified orgasm that accompanies the ejaculation.

There are several options that a man can consider when attempting to up his semen shooting ability.

Try abstinence. Many men find that simply refraining from ejaculating for a period of time can have a positive impact on how far and how forcefully they shoot when they do give in to the sexual urge. How long to abstain varies from man to man. For one man, especially one who masturbates daily, refraining for just three or four days may make a difference; another man might need to refrain for three to four weeks to see any change.

Stay on edge. This is probably the most common method employed to attempt greater shooting. Edging is masturbating until one is on the very verge of ejaculating and then stopping and letting the urge subside. Then one repeats the process to the edge of ejaculating again, and stops again. This process is repeated over and over; then, when a man does allow the penis to explode and let loose the floodgates, the semen erupts in the desired manner.

Have a squeeze play. With this method, which may be combined with the final phase of edging, the man squeezes very tightly just below the glans when he is just about ready to explode. He holds it tight for 2 or 3 seconds, then quickly releases. Some men claim the reaction is similar to shaking a soda can before opening it.

Work the kegels. The kegels are the muscles that one uses when one is urinating and needs to stop the flow. Strong kegels play a role in forcing semen out of the penis. Kegels are exercised by squeezing and releasing. Doing 3 sets of 10 squeezes-and-releases per day is a good way to start developing kegels.

Stay hydrated. Some sources encourage a man to drink plenty of water, as that can play a small role in the volume of semen produced. The theory is that the more volume, the more one will spurt.

Eat celery. Porn star Peter North, known for his penile eruptions, has claimed that eating celery increases the volume and the force of ejaculations.

Engage the prostate. Some men find that prostate stimulation is helpful in achieving greater ejaculation distances.

Penis projectiles are a fun goal for a man to try to obtain but may require a lot of work and practice – and that may result in a sore (if deliriously happy) penis. Every man should make use of a high quality penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) to keep his penis soothed and in good health. There are many creams to choose from, but a man should be sure to select one that includes the double-hydrating power of a superior emollient (such as shea butter) and vitamin E. In addition, it’s crucial to find one that also include a high level antioxidant such as alpha lipoic acid to help offset harmful oxidative processes in penis cells.

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