Paint Monotypes With Oil Paint Sticks

Using oil paint sticks is a preferred method to paint monotypes. You use a lot of colors, blend and mix them to create pattern and images. Next step is taking a white piece of paper and placing it on top to create the monotype. Painters usually use glass as an initial support for their model. Paint slides nicely on it and it is very easy to clean up and reuse.

On glass you can create lines with different widths depending on the size the paint stick, the pressure you apply. Of course, the surface you paint on is important so any material other than glass will have a different effect. If you don`t use the oil paint sticks for a while some of the paint will dry and form a dry layer but this can be easily removed.

You dont have to wait for the paint to dry, you can keep on painting on the wet paint. An interesting thing will happen if you do this. Colors will blend, gain contrast or lift off. It all depends on the way you use each oil paint stick. The only way to learn is to experiment as much as possible and try different combinations and analyze the result. The advantage of oil paint is that it doesn't dry up very easily so you can take your time and decide if you like what you painted so far. You can constantly modify it any way you like, use new colors and styles. The type of paper you place on the print you have designed on glass is very important.You may try different types like dry or damp. You can also vary the pressure you apply and watch the result. Some people work better on damp paper than on dry. After you have placed the paper the glorious moment when you reveal your work arrives. The secret is to lift the paper very slowly while grabbing it from one corner. Wash your hands first so you wont leave any marks on the paper.

Now take the monotype and apply another piece of paper on it to see if it will make a second print. Usually it will but the colors are a bit faded out. Depending on the amount of paint you have used the result may still look nice. If you are going to write something on your future designs remember that the monotype will be in reverse so the way you write the letters is very important. If the paint is still wet on the glass you will have no problem in cleaning it after painting with oil sticks but if you let it there for a while you might need to use solvent.

Painting monotypes with oil sticks can be a lot of fun and allows you to be as creative as you want and constantly improve your painting. You might get your hands a little dirty but this is actually part of the fun.

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