Online Jobs Without Investment: Which of These 5 Types of Online Jobs Fits You Best?

Have you ever searched for a job online, only to find that the site offering the employment opportunity or business opportunity required some sort of investment? Kind of ironic isn’t it? After all, you are looking for a job in order to make money. Only then could you afford to make some sort of investment in the future. Not the other way around.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just find a job online without having to cough up some sort of investment? This article will explore five types of online jobs according to what skills and abilities are needed by each. Where do you fit in best?

Jobs for Detail and Accuracy People: Data Entry

Do you have good typing skills? Large companies have tremendous quantities of data that needs to be entered online, into their web sites. As a data entry “keyer,” you will likely enter numbers, lists of different items, or customer information into their special database software.

While some companies require a minimum typing speed of 60 wpm, other companies just require that the document gets entered online correctly. These companies are not as concerned with speed as they are with accuracy. All in all, the faster and more precise you are, the better.

Jobs for Numbers People: Medical Transcription

Medical doctors are overwhelmed with paperwork, and often need help transcribing their notes on their patients into their patient accounting software. This increases the legibility, readability and accuracy of patient charts.

Some familiarity with medical terminology may be required to do this type of work. Speed, accuracy, and the ability to attend closely to numbers and terms are encouraged here as well.

Jobs for Opinion People: Paid Online Surveys

Surveys can be an excellent online earning opportunity as well. Market research companies pay big bucks to better understand the mindset of their market place. Typically you will have to meet their demographic requirements, and give honest answers to their survey questions, which are largely based on your habits and behaviors, especially around shopping.

Jobs for Good Communicators: Content Writing

If you have a creative inclination, and would like to employ your writing skills, there are all kinds of writing opportunities available to you, including these:

  • Write content for Search Engine Optimization to help web sites rank in Google.
  • Create Web content for other peoples’ sites.
  • Become a blog “Ghost-Writer.”
  • Write an expert white paper on a particular subject.
  • Become an ad copywriter and create compelling advertisements.
  • Learn to write winning grants.
  • Create an e-book of your own.

Jobs for People People: Customer Care

A lot of large companies are outsourcing their customer care jobs to people working from home to help answer their customer’s questions by phone, Internet chat, and e-mail. While the hours are flexible, once they are set you will need to be at your desk at the assigned times.

Aside from being tethered to your desk during your work hours, you can make upwards of between $10 and $30 per hour just by giving an attentive ear and helping people solve their problems.

Real Jobs That Pay You, Don’t Cost You

There are lots of jobs out there that don’t require any sort of upfront investment. You do need to keep your eyes open, and just apply the “sniff” test. If something smells fishy about a particular job opportunity, there is likely a catch or a fee involved somewhere in their application process.

There are plenty of no-cost opportunities out there, so don’t even bother with scams that are trying to cheat you out of money up front.

Whether you are a detail person, a numbers person, an opinion person, a good communicator, or a people person, now you are at least aware of some of the job possibilities online that don’t require an investment. Build from this beginning awareness, and decide where you would fit in best. When matching yourself to jobs online, advance knowledge pays off in terms of how happy you will be with the work you do, and how much you will earn doing it.

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