One Stroke Technique – Learn Painting With One Stroke

You must be familiar with the method of One Stroke Painting. It has been cultivated for quite a few years. It is an easier way to create the marvelous designs painted by hand on so many surfaces. Painters who are not very experienced are also benefited.

When you are in the process of learning this type of technique the very first thing to be kept in your mind is to how to load your brush in a correct way. Many a time artists are scared of getting the brushes over loaded. Keep plenty of brushes with you for your drawing.

You should start with choosing any two colors of your choice for your own design. They can be contrast colors, or as you desire. Start dipping one side of that brush in the first color, and then dip the second side in another color. Start to move your brush forward and backward so that you blend your paint well. Continuously adds the paint and do it repeatedly until the brush is loaded up to 2/3 up to the bristles.

Take care that your brush should not be overloaded by adding more and more paints to the brush. If at all you feel that your brush is overloaded clean it with a clean towel or a rag, but be sure that it is loaded up to 2/3 of your brush and not less. It is not essential to clean the brush in water every time when you switch to different colors.

Just remove the excess color with the help of a towel, paper or a rag and later dip the paint on one side at a time in the new color and then start blending it. There are many people who paint using more than two colors. Make these as you play with two colors and the tip of the brush should be used for the third color.

You should add that to the side which is that accent color. That completely depends on you as you yourself are the creator in your own painting. You just need to require loading your brush in a correct way, and then you are not far from creating your artwork.

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