NxOpinion – An Alternate Physician

It is not a story of a person who is providing medical care for patients to get his daily bread but it is a saga of a soft-ware which can be worked as an alternate doctor. ‘NxOpinion’ is the software which I am talking about. This is a technical guide for all medical and health aspects. It has every detail about diseases, treatment for those diseases and medicines for a particular disease. ‘NxOpinion’ is developed by American based Robert Technologies.

In rural areas, lack of physicians is a main problem. NxOpinion guides a healthcare activist to do the service of a doctor. It has been undergoing trials in several countries. Firstly, in NIMS, a reputed hospital in Hyderabad, it was tested on 200 patients and achieved 95% results. It means that it worked as a successful physician.

Trial version of NxOpinion contains details of 1000 types of diseases and treatment procedures of those diseases and medicines. In these, information of various diseases from head to legs is provided. This software is developed on Microsoft platform and it can be used by downloading into PC, laptop or a palm laptop. The health activists who are having the knowledge of above devices can contribute in this type of medical service.

NxOpinion supports medical decision making by providing several key benefits – it evaluates current case evidence and generates a differential diagnosis based on statistical knowledge about diseases and their clinical manifestations. It assists the user by suggesting ‘what-if’ scenarios of high-payoff clinical findings not yet noted or considered by the user, it provides treatment therapy descriptions, and it provides textual information regarding diseases and clinical findings.

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