Negative Self Talk is the Greatest Form of Verbal, Emotional and Mental Abuse

Do you know who the most important person is in your life? The answer is, you. There is no one in your life that has greater influence over you then you do yourself. What you say to yourself is having a huge impact on how you feel about yourself. Your negative self talk is destroying you.

If you want positive change in your life, you must trade your negative talk to positive talk. Start noticing what you say to yourself. This may surprise you at first. Then you can start changing how you think of yourself and how you talk to yourself. Creating new behaviour takes time and it well worth the effort and time because you will start feeling good about yourself instead of always feeling negative.

Negative talk can lead to many different things including: guilt, anger, depression, pessimism, fear and even anxiety. This is enough reason alone to change your negative thinking into positive thinking, but another reason it is important is because you are a good person who deserves to have self confidence in yourself.

No matter what anyone tells you, you have to find ways to think and talk positively all the time, especially when you catch yourself thinking negative thoughts or saying negative things. Here are some easy and powerful ways to help you implement these new changes

1. Reverse your negative thoughts – When you find yourself thinking or talking negatively, you want to reword, reverse or rephrase the words from negative to positive right away. For example: If you find yourself doing the “what if” scenario, then turn it into “I am going to”

2. Associate with positive thinkers – By being around people that think positively, you will have a much easier time changing your way of thinking and talking about yourself. Positive people can be a big support if you just let them.

3. Get away from the negative environment – When you find yourself in a negative environment, get away from it as fast as you can. Search for positive reinforcement to help you recharge yourself so negative thoughts don’t creep in.

4. Do light activities – You can distract the negative thoughts by doing a light activity such as taking a short walk and looking for positive in the world around you. You can also start a Gratitude Journal, where you take a pen and start writing everything that you are grateful for. Notice how you can change your state from negative to positive.

5. Positive affirmations – You want to use creative positive affirmations every day, especially the times when you find negative thoughts or negative talk creeping in. Affirmations are easy to implement in your daily life. They are like planting seeds in your cells and in your heart. The more you say them, the bigger they will grow.

Now that you know how you can turn negative self talk around and not let it destroy your life; all that remains is to get started. Make a decision to just do it, it definitely can be achieved if you are tired of feeling guilty and not feeling good about yourself. Be 100% committed to yourself and take the first step into your greatness.

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