Menuzord – Responsive Megamenu


Menuzord is a responsive megamenu pack to help you to define a modern navigation for your website.


<strong>Fully Responsive</strong><br />

Menuzord is responsive and is ready for use in desktops, tablets and mobile devices.

<strong>16 Skins</strong><br />

Is included 16 skins for different behaviors of Menuzord. Each skin has his own visual behavior

<strong>Bootstrap compatible</strong><br />

Menuzord is compatible with the Bootstrap most recent versions

<strong>8 Color Schemes per Skin</strong><br />

For each color scheme Menuzord has 8 preset colors. 16 Skins x 8 Color Schemes = 128 visual variations

<strong>Dropdowns</strong><br />

You can use Menuzord like a dropdown menu, with diferent alignments

<strong>Megamenu</strong><br />

You can use Menuzord like a megamenu. Versatility is no problem.

<strong>Grid System</strong><br />

Do you need organize some content inside the menu? Ok, Menuzord provides a complete grid system to help you.

<strong>Cross browser</strong><br />

Support for all major browsers, including touchscreen devices and mobile devices

<strong>Right/Left alignment</strong><br />

The menu can be set Left-to-Right or Right-to-Left to adapt easily on your layout

<strong>Click or Hover</strong><br />

Menuzord supports “click” event or “hover” event to show submenus

<strong>Configurable delays</strong><br />

You can easily set the delay time and the time of appearance of submenus

<strong>Icons</strong><br />

Menuzord supports icons from Font-Awesome. There are over 440 icons available.

<strong>Vertical tabs</strong><br />

Menuzord provides preset vertical tabs to help you display the content in panels inside the megamenu

<strong>CSS animations</strong><br />

8 CSS3 animations are available to give some stunning effects to the menu

<strong>Fully customizable</strong><br />

Menuzord is easy to customize, including the skins and color schemes

<strong>Free updates</strong><br />

Updates, bug fixes and improvements without additional cost


<p><i>1 October 2014</i>

  • IE8 bug fixed
<p><i>13 September 2014</i>

  • Solved a small bug (screen resizing)
<p><i>11 August 2014</i>

  • Version 1.0

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