Memory Techniques: How to Improve Your Memory Power in 20 Seconds

This article will show you some of the techniques you can use to improve

your memory power immediately.

Below are the common memory techniques around which all other memory techniques are based on:

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– The first is Connection method and an extremely strong one.

You are creating meaning for an item by connecting it to

something you know already. Do you have to remember

somebody’s address is 1225 Memory Lane? Isn’t it easier to

think Christmas (12 – 25/ December 25th) than just four

separate numbers. Now we have something that has meaning.

We can take our story-telling technique and associate it to

Memory. It may take some imagination, but that just comes

with practice.

Another strong point with the Connection technique is that it

allows you to utilize information you already know.

– The second is Repetition. This is a very simple technique and

probably the one most used to remember something.

However – look closely at what you’re really doing when you

are repeating something. You are forcing yourself to focus

attention on something. That is one of the most important

steps in memorization. You forget most things simply

because you didn’t remember them in the first place.

– Storytelling is another method. The Greeks were great for

this – remember the story of Narcissus and Echo. They would

take phenomena from everyday like and create a story around

it. By creating a story they are forcing your attention (see how important that is) plus they are creating a link mechanism which I just mentioned above. All good memory techniques play off each other and use the brain’s natural memory ability.

Remember – these are techniques, not tricks!

– Rhyming is another technique. Admittedly it takes some

creative energy and a talent for forming rhymes, but if you

have that ability it is a very good way to remember things. The rhyme can have a story as well.

– The last method is by Linking – linking one item to

something you already know. Remember how memory works.

How often a smell can bring back the memory of a certain

afternoon a long time ago. Linking or association is a way

that was devised to utilize the way memory naturally works.

You’re not forcing it – it’s something you do naturally.

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