Male Orgasm Tips – 9 Ways To Enhance The Male Orgasm

Men focus so much on how to please a woman that we sometimes forget how to enhance our own male orgasm. It is vital to pay close attention to your own orgasmic needs as well! With these male orgasm tips you can easily discover how to amp up your own male orgasm. The advantage to discovering how to enhance your own male orgasm will, in turn, enhance hers as well in the process!

When your engaging in sex be aware of what’s going on around you. It’s easy to get enticed to the grand finale and instant gratification, but there is a lot more to the male orgasm than simply the end ejaculate! Much more goes on behind the scenes and in this article we will unravel the 9 ways to enhance the male orgasm. So here goes:

1.Use your imagination, Fantasize!

Fantasizing about being sexually involved with your partner in a dangerous situation, role play that your both strangers and that you don’t even know her name! This can help to enhance the sensations, make them seem new, exciting,titillating and most often lead to a very powerful, orgasmic burst.

It’s OK to fantasize that she’s the woman of your dreams also, close your eyes in between and let your imagination run wild…..She just doesn’t have to know about it. Just make sure you don’t call her the wrong name!

2.Realize and acknowledge physical sensations

Totally get engulfed in physical sensations such as noises surrounding you, her moans,your moans or even some music in the background(if you chose to add this sensation). Use your hands to feel her body against yours and explore other areas of her body. Kiss,taste her body. The point is to fully engage all your senses. This will make your orgasm more intense.

Spice it up a notch: Use mirrors to look at the two of you getting it on. If your both in great physical shape there’s a 100% chance this will totally engage your senses and arouse you both mentally and physically!

3.Spice it up with some bondage!

There’s no denying that there is some pleasure to be had in some forms of pain. Spanking, choking,candle wax drippings and even hair pulling can often lead to pretty unforgettable orgasms. Don’t be afraid to explore your wild side. Just make sure your partner is willing to engage in these forms of sexual activities first.

4.Practice tightening and releasing your muscles.

You can try this with your pelvic, thigh or PC(penis base) muscles.Tightening and releasing these muscles will serve to make your orgasm and final orgasm an unforgettable one.

Just practice this “behind the scenes” in a way that your partner won’t even know. Trust me, this practice definitely enhances the male orgasm twofold! And when you finally reach ejaculate it will be 100 times more intensified! You can also exercise your kegel muscles or tighten your thighs while engaging in sex to help intensify the male orgasm.

Kegel exercise definitions:

-Exercises done to strengthen the pelvic floor, which can help you push more efficiently during delivery and can help recovery. To do Kegel exercises, contract and hold the muscles used to stop the flow of urine.

-A set of exercises designed to improve the strength of the muscles used in urinating

5.Interrupt sex often right before your ready to explode.

Interrupting the sex right before your about to ejaculate will not only intensify your orgasm and ejaculate at the “grand finale”, it will also intensify hers also. Often times if a woman begs a man to keep going when things are really hot and intense, and he doesn’t, chances are that he will have an orgasmic squirter on his hands. You will also be keeping her on the edge of her orgasm….literally! It’s not all about just climaxing and dropping to sleep. Delaying male orgasm will often lead to a much more satisfying climactic finale-for you both!

6.Have your partner stimulate other parts of your body

Oddly enough many men are afraid to admit they enjoy this, but the anus is where the male orgasm,aka male g-spot is found. While your engaging in intercourse, have her rub the outside of your anus, or even use her finger to massage your prostate; WARNING: This may lead to one hell of an orgasm!

  1. Focus deeply on your orgasm.

When you feel your about to erupt and experience the tip of the male orgasm or ejaculate,slow down! Penetrate at a much slower pace when you are in “ejaculate mode”, focus on the sensations involved and when your finally there,imagine it’s way out with more than just the force out of your member. Try to focus on your orgasm as a total body and mental “release”. This will intensify it two-fold.

8.Use your PC muscle to pull back from the point of no return.

As you feel yourself coming closer to climax stop the stimulation as you have in the past, but this time squeeze your PC muscle and hold it for a few seconds. Notice how this feels. This is the technique you can use to prevent yourself from ejaculating and create the opportunity to have several orgasms in a row.

9.Before you truly understand the male orgasm, take some time to understand your basis of it.

The work here is simple and fun: pleasure yourself (masturbate) as you would regularly, and pay close attention.

What things do you do to get turned on?

What happens to your body after orgasm?

What happens to your body and your breathing as you become even more stimulated?

What does it feel like just before an orgasm? Just before you ejaculate?

So now that you’ve learned a few tips that can enhance and turn your male orgasm into a life-altering, mind-blowing experience, use your new found powers wisely and intuitively to make your love life sizzle and experience the BEST orgasms,climaxes and out-of-this world ejaculations sizzle!

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