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Long Shadow Maker:

You probably know that long shadows are new design trend and they look great. Producing that kind of shadow is very time consuming, especially when you have to make them for several elements or text. That’s why I prepared Long Shadow Maker – to save you lots of time and to help you produce very high quality, always perfect shadows!

This action works with rasterized layers, text and vectors. With several provided actions you will be able to produce large variety of shadows: from small 100 px shadows for web usage, to massive 1500 px shadows for print!

It’s very easy to use Long Shadow Maker, and it takes just seconds to create awesome shadows!

Package includes:

  • PSD file with demo content
  • ATN files with 56 actions
  • Short read me file

I hope You will like it!  :)

Long Shadow Maker - 1

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