Lolita – A Precociously Seductive Young Girl

Mom and dads and older sisters and brothers have a responsibility to protect the young potential Lolita.
Webster defines: ‘Lolita’… precociously seductive girl. ‘Precocious’… exceptionally early in development; smart beyond her years; advanced, forward, developed, premature; mature. ‘Seductive’… attractive; alluring; bewitching; captivating; drawing, enchanting; fascinating, magnetic; siren; desirable; mouth-watering.
Young girls, especially cute or pretty young girls, will by age eight begin to realize that they can generate a response from others, especially males, with a special little smile or giggle. She soon realizes that even dad, older brother, and family friends give her a special kiss on the nose and a tight hug, as they run their fingers through her hair.
Each month and year as she ages she is more aware of her ability to get more and more attention from more and more males. It’s most likely not her desire to seduce every male she encounters, but she probably realizes that she is developing an ability to do so.
It is not uncommon for little girls age eight to show interest in sex. They watch teens and adults kiss and touch and realize there is a reason they do this. Young girls will want to imitate the older girls. Young girls may want to see a male in the nude and will knowingly walk into the toilet or bath room to accomplish this. This can result in a response to exchange a look for a look and so on.
By age twelve girls realize that their bodies have changed and that boys and older males notice this too. It’s human nature (female nature) to enjoy the stares and expressions of males as they try to see more and more. All girls are aware of their ability to be attractive and captivating, even to their fathers and brothers.
They soon learn, perhaps faster from TV, that they can do little things to be even more desirable and to spur quicker responses from the observer.
Perhaps on a sunny hot day she might purposely act provocative as she sucks on a lollipop as she lies on the grass near the lawn chair where Dad is sitting. Naturally her bare feet face towards Dad and she is wearing a thin loose dress that drops near her hips as she raises one leg over the other knee.
Perhaps later in the day she insures she is wearing this thin dress when her brother walks closely by while she is standing under the yard sprinkler laughing and slowly doing back bends.
A few days later she might notice her uncle enjoying the shade under a tree near the cloths line. She feels certain that her uncle finds her attractive and that he politely touches her any chance he gets. She purposely steps over his outstretched legs as she walks towards the house. She isn’t surprised when he grabs her and pulls her onto the ground next to him and begins tickling her ribs.
Later in the evening she has a desire for her uncle to tickle her again. After mom and dad are in bed she quietly goes from her upstairs room to his. Her uncle is sitting next to his desk wearing boxer shorts. He immediately reaches for his jeans, but she quickly grabs the jeans and holds them behind her. She isn’t surprised when he playfully pretends to take them from her… and is soon tickling her ribs.
The next morning she willing takes his breakfast to him when Mom asks her to. She places the tray on the night stand and doesn’t resist as he sits up and pulls her towards him and again tickles her ribs.
A week later her brother returns home from a workout at the gym. Young sister and her girl friend are sitting on the porch giggling and laughing loudly. “What’s so funny, Sis?” He asks. Sally wants me ask you if you want to play doctor and nurse.”She replies. “I wouldn’t feel safe with two nurses'” he jokes as he heads for his room.
The next morning after dad has leaves for work, she, mom and brother are eating breakfast together. When mom goes to the kitchen for more biscuits, Sis smiles and softly says, “Doc, Mom and Dad won’t be home until very late tonight”.They both just smile at each other.
‘All girls, of all ages, have the potential to be a Lolita. It is the responsibility of caring and effective parents to understand human nature and to believe and accept the fact that every child of every age has sexual curiosity about all areas of sex. This is definitely the time to teach Effective Sex Ed (including “Teen Sex Ed Tips”.It is the responsibility of parents to always be alert and teach effective sex education. Just as masturbation by girls and boys should never be condemned, teaching young girls how to safely handle their Lolita impulses is a must… even in Christian homes

Parents and the potential Lolita have the joint responsibility to frequently talk about sexual issues so that pitfalls are avoided in the future.

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