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Litetooltip.js WordPress Plugin

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Live Responsive Tooltip Examples

LiteTooltip.js v2.0 launched: April 25, 2014

We are really glad to announce the v2.0 of our first Responsive Jquery Lite Tooltip bundle. Now you can use its new online Responsive Image Hotspot Creator tool for creating the tooltips and image hotspot/image map tooltips with few mouse clicks.

Try live Responsive Image Hotspot generator tool here.

The First Fully Responsive jQuery LiteToolTip.js Bundle v1.0

  • 12 Positions
  • Customizable Color Presets
  • Menu Templates
  • Image Maps
  • Hotspots
  • Videos
  • Triggers

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Thanks for helping me out.. you product are the best!!! very intuitive and neat!! hope to see more products from you guys here..

WOW, looks even better this new version!!!!! congrats!! I purchase this script and it is a lifesaver, if u don’t have time to create this little tooltips, I would def recommend this script!


Works great, excellent support. The excellent support makes it worth every penny.


I think this is beautifull, so i had to purchase ;) goodluck with the sales!


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