Lifewave Review – Is Lifewave the One For You?

Based in the USA as well as Taiwan, LifeWave is known as a multi level marketing company which began with an emphasis on self-improvement. This idea can be found throughout the many solutions they sell, which utilize exclusive nanotechnology patches to increase a variety of aspects of consumers’ day-to-day lives. Self-improvement can be observed in the corporation’s choice to become a multi level marketing corporation. LifeWave offers people a chance to generate profits and rise through its levels since its reps happen to be paid for recruiting new distributors who join the organization. LifeWave promises improved wellness by way of modern technological innovation, as opposed to the all-natural school of thought put forward by quite a few of LifeWave’s competitors.

The patches in LifeWave’s product line are all variations on the same technology. They are all nanotechnology patches that promise to boost human well-being in exclusive methods. LifeWave patches utilize the ideas of Homeopathy & Accupuncture to optimize the body’s natural systems. The first product is the Energy Enhancer patch which was created to cut down exhaustion and assist correct breathing and endurance. After that is IceWave, which offers relief from arthritis soreness and joint pain. 3rd in the lineup is Silent Nights, a patch that helps with sleeping by stimulating acupuncture points on the human body. Fourth is the Y-Age patch which promotes smoother skin and reduced wrinkles. The final main patch being offered by LifeWave is the SP6 Complete Appetite Control patch, this patch employs the patch properties to lessen the body’s appetite and assist customers lose weight. All the items come in sets of two dozen and they are based on the same general ideas. They all appeal to customers who are curious about improving upon their wellness in a convenient and low-risk manner.

LifeWave’s compensation plan is made up of four main components. Retail profits offer a solid source of income as distributors purchase their patches at wholesale price from LifeWave and then profit directly from any sales they make. The second payment component is the initial product bonuses. These offer financial incentives every time a distributor enrolls a new customer. Immediate benefits are obtained when a new member joins, but they are also paid out whenever a member purchases an upgrade kit to move up to a higher rank. The third component within the LifeWave compensation plan is its binary structure as well as the cycle bonus commissions that it produces. Distributors will create two separate legs, and each and every time they recruit a new member that member will be designated to either the left or the right leg. Residual income can be earned from the work done by all the distributors working within those legs and this produces the highest potential revenue for LifeWave distributors. The last way to profit is that every time a sponsored worker earns bonuses, their higher ranked managers earn bonuses at the same time. Together these bonuses produce unlimited incentives for distributors to be successful in promoting LifeWave patches, as well as recruiting new distributors.

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