Law Of Attraction

Many people are talking about the secret and the law of attraction. The key to the law of attraction is that thoughts become things. But remember taking action accelerates the law of attraction!

Start to take action. You cannot sit around acting all airy fairy and expect everything to just drop into your lap while you meditate on the wonderful new life you are going to have. You actually have to get off the couch and do something if you want to see results.

The concepts of the law of attraction help to give us focus. Whether it’s money, better health or more loving and fulfilling relationships. Once we know what it is we truly want, we tend to get a little more excited about life, we have more drive and find more purpose in what we are doing on a day to day basis.

The more clarity you have, the more receptive you become to opportunities as they present themselves. You might meet someone or stumble across some meaningful information, things and situations start popping into your life that help you to reach your desired outcome. It has a snowball effect, the more you achieve the more you receive, pretty soon you have an avalanche of opportunities coming your way! It isn’t that these things have miraculously appeared, they have always been there, but because your focus and attention has been fixed to something else these opportunities have previously passed you by.

Focus on what you want not what you don’t want. If you put more focus on your desired outcome rather than the lack that’s in your present situation, you start to tune in to the things that will assist you in achieving your goal. So what is it that you truly desire?

An easy way to work out what you really want is to write a list of all the things you definitely don’t want (they usually come through loud and clear) then next to each one write down the complete opposite. This will give you a list of what you truly desire in your life.

For example: If you want…

To get out of debt – Focus on financial freedom, not getting out of debt. To lose weight – Focus on perfect health, not losing weight. To stop arguing with your spouse – Focus on harmony in your relationship, not stopping arguing.

Every time you catch yourself saying “I don’t want…” stop and think of the opposite “I now have…” Once you become absolutely clear about what it is you truly desire you can shift your focus from lack or failure to abundance and success.

Another key to the law of attraction is gratitude. The more we appreciate what we already have, the more we can accept into our lives. By focusing on and being grateful for every good thing already in our lives the easier it becomes to attract what we desire.

The law of attraction is… Having clarity about what we want. Being grateful for what we already have. Taking action towards achieving our desires. Being receptive to all good things and opportunities around us.

Remember, what we think about we bring about!

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Source by Alison Bolger

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