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  • Image Upload & Share From Url , Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, VK, Vine, Instagram, Metacafe, DailyMotion Videos and Soundcloud
  • Comments for Media
  • Facebook Comments
  • Responsive Layout
  • User Profile & Points
  • Tags or Category System
  • Super Easy Installation
  • Full Admin Panel
  • Moderate Guest Submissions
  • Social Share Buttons
  • Search for Media
  • Seo Url
  • Much More?


  • PHP 4.3 or later, PHP 5.4.x for all functionality.
  • MySQL 4.1 or later, MySQL 5.x for best performance.
  • fopen enabled
  • fileinfo extension

Technologies Used:


KING Media 2.0

 IMPORTANT NOTE : If you are using premium themes of king media, Please wait theme update to use with KING Media 2.0. We will update as soon as possible ! 
  Added Polls
  Added Lists
  Added Google AMP
  Added new post edit page
  Added new admin options
  Added new Updates page
  Added new Search page
  Added new Profile page
  Added Quick view option
  Added Colors and Icons for categories
  Added new social share
  Changed upload system
  Added descriptions for posts
  Improved Page Speed
  Improved to php 7.4 
  Improved mobile view
  Fixed some bugs

V 5

  Added manage posts page
  Added google analytics box in admin panel
  Added font awesome fonts
  Improved manage users page 
  Improved submit pages 
  Improved site theme
  Now king media supporting php7.3
  Fixed some bugs

V 4.1

  Added manage members in admin panel
  Added activate king media script option
  Added new options in admin panel
  Fixed facebook video thumbnail issue 
  Fixed some bugs

V 4

  Added User Follow system
  Added updates page
  Added image upload to based years and months folder system 
  Added footer links edit in admin > viewing
  Fixed some bugs

V 3.5

  Added News submit option
  New edit post page
  Added more options in admin>viewing
  Fixed Some Bugs

V 3.2

  Added different categories for images and videos
  Added new options in admin> viewing ( image upload size, video max. size, ffmpeg path … )
  fixed facebook thumbnail issue,
  Fixed Some Bugs

V 3.1

  Updated PHPmailer
  Fixed Some Bugs

V 3

  Added new messages page,
  Added user notifications on submit pages and comment box
  Fixed some bugs,
  Some Security vprenerabilities fixed,.

V 2.4

  Fixed facebook share counter
  Added image and description for twitter share
  Fixed some security issues 
  Fixed some bugs…

V 2.3

  Added video source
  fixed some url issues
  Fixed some security issues 
  Fixed some bugs…

V 2.2

  Added better quick start option on list theme
  Added Terms and Privacy option for register page
  Added facebook meta tags
  Fixed some bugs…

V 2.1

  Added Rss options page in admin panel
  Added video source
  Fixed some bugs…

V 2

  Added mp4 video upload option from pc
  Added king video player
  Added Custom message for submit page and comment box
  Added post title in twitter share
  Fixed some bugs…


  KingMedia now supporting more video sources (-xhamster,,,, ) 
  Fixed facebook video issue
  Fixed php5 issue 
  Fixed some bugs 


  Added Quick start option at list theme 
  Fixed Soundcloud issue
  Fixed some bugs

v 1.9.9

  Added Mpretiple Image Upload (enable in admin > lists) 
  Added Quick View Option in List Theme
  Fixed some bugs

v 1.9.8

  Added video source
  Added <meta> description input in admin> layout
  Added vk login option
  Fixed some bugs

v 1.9.7

  Added Notice feature for new users and first time visitors in admin > users 
  Changed Sticky add area in list theme
  Fixed some bugs

v 1.9.6

  Added watermark option
  Changed image submitting page
  Added Sticky add area in list theme
  Changed infinite scroll codes in defapret theme
  Added image preview area in image submitting page
  Added pinterest and google+ share buttons in list theme
  Fixed some mobile view issues
  Fixed some bugs

v 1.9.5

  Added new Sources, VK videos, Facebook videos, Soundcloud 
  Users can add video or image in comments via url
  fixed rss image issue
  Fixed some bugs

v 1.9.4

  Fixed some bugs

v 1.9.3

  Added admin > stats page
  Fixed rss issues 
  Added Length of Tags page , Length of Media page, Length of Users page at admin > lists 
  Fixed some bugs

v 1.9.2

  Added Custom Css option
  Modified Category Page design,
  Added Mobile Theme select option
  Fixed Some bugs

v 1.9.1

  Added google+ and pinterest share buttons
  Added custom email settings in admin panel
  Fixed Some bugs

v 1.9

  Now More Fast! using thumbnails on homepage
  Supporting animated Gifs
  Fixed Some bugs

v 1.8

  Fixed Some bugs

v 1.7

  Fixed Some bugs

v 1.6

  Added new plugin “King Extra” you can add extra fields on submit page
  Added Description option on homepage
  Added 404 page
  Fixed Some bugs

v 1.5

  Added new option ‘Create Custom Pages’
  Create link option added
  Added categories page
  Fixed Some bugs

v 1.4

  Added NEW! List theme layout
  Added Theme-Switcher Plugin
  Fixed Some bugs

v 1.3

  Added new stylish and simple captcha plugin
  Added permission option for the image upload
  Added tag cloud tags limit
  Fixed some bugs

v 1.2

  Changed top users page design
  Fixed permissions bugs
  Fixed some css bugs

v 1.1

  Added social login buttons in login modal
  Fixed mobile image upload
  Fixed some css bugs

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