Keeping Up in Down Times – Mental Toughness

Do you think of yourself as mentally tough? Tough times don’t necessarily make or break an individual. But, economic downturns can certainly reveal what people are made of. Stressful times can bring out the best and the worst in a person. You didn’t ask for tough times and…
It’s a fact that some things are within your control and others are not. The key to mental toughness and getting what you want from life each day is to know what you can do.
Psychologists tell us that our success is intimately tied to how we are programmed from childhood through adulthood. Beliefs and attitudes can be a great asset or they can be a significant unconscious limitation-unless you are willing to see things differently.
Learn To See Things Differently
Plain and simple programming forms thoughts. Thoughts engage feelings. Feelings generate actions. Actions lead to life results. You can’t change your past, what happened yesterday at work, home or the stock market.
But you can change how you think about it-you can change your perceptions.
You can learn to see things differently.
In short, mental toughness is how you think or perceive the past, the present moment and the future in order to get what you want in relationships, health, home, finances and work.
Let’s explore six specific ways to embrace a toughness that will give you a leg up regardless of what the economy is reporting.
Six Common Sense Tips for Mental Toughness
1. Develop a superior attitude. Regardless of what happens in the economy, with your work, your family or personal life, decide that you will not let external circumstances dictate your mood.
Make a clear and definite decision to focus on what you really want-period. If you find yourself inadvertently thinking about what you don’t want, then let it be a guide to remind you of what it is you do want. Yeah, it takes real bravado.
2. Start each day on a positive note. Wake up to positive music or a motivational CD. Read something that lifts you first thing in the morning such as a self-help book, the Bible or something inspirational. Leave the newspapers until later. You won’t miss anything.
Talk to yourself in affirming ways in the mirror each and every morning. Don’t allow negative self-talk to rule your day. Instead, tell yourself, “Everyday in every way, I am getting better and better.” If necessary, lie to yourself until you believe it. Remember you will see it when you first believe it.
3. Nourish your body. A healthy body gives you more energy, stamina and the will to succeed in life. Energy is transferable to others! Avoid eating dead overly processed junk food. Eat more organic live food for health and energy. Exercise, walk, jog and keep loose. Flexibility and adaptability are critical to mental toughness.
4. Nourish your mind. Give yourself an occasional relaxation break. Take a couple of mental vacations from 7 to 15 minutes each day. During this time imagine yourself successful. Feed yourself positive goals and information. Can you really afford the luxury of negative thoughts?
5. Hang with optimistic people. Excuse yourself from negative or cynical people. Don’t make others wrong as they are doing the best they can with what they know-just don’t allow yourself to be complicit in their cynicism-avoid the blame game. You are not a helpless victim. You can choose to see things differently, right?
6. Express gratitude and appreciation. How could life possibly want to give you more if you are not grateful for what you already have? Make it a habit to show gratitude and appreciation for anything and everything.
Even the smallest of things like your eyesight, your ability to move, to breathe, the good people in your life, your family, friends, and so on. Gratitude is magnetic for all things good. If you don’t believe this then focus intently on the opposite for a period of time and observe your results. It’s called cynicism and it repels others along with opportunity.
It’s Not Magic
It’s just common sense that if you choose to focus exclusively on what’s missing, what’s not right or what doesn’t work, guess what you will attract… more of the same. Instead focus on what you can give, how you can help and what value can be added every moment of the day with your family, at the grocery store, the restaurant, with your work team, and of course your customers. An attitude of gratitude and appreciation will put you in an attractive state of vibration.

Put each of the six ideas on an index card and review them daily. Be the change you want in your life and eventually opportunity will find its way to your door. It’s not magic. Avoid blame… instead focus on what you want and… not on what you don’t want.

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