Jupiter’s Transit – How Does it Affect You?

Note: This article is written on the basis of effects of this Jupiter transit on various Moon Signs. Moon signs are an integral part of Vedic Astrology practised in India since times immemorial. Moon plays a vital role in Vedic predictions just like the Ascendant (Rising sign) and the Sun signs. Sun is considered important in Western Astrology as it signifies the Soul. Moon signifies the Mind and mind governs the actions, thus it has a great importance in Vedic Astrology. It is decided on basis of the position of Moon in your Natal Horoscope.


Jupiter transit through your 11th House (of gains, friends, social network, hopes, dreams, and aspirations). This will raise prospects for profitability in your work through confident operations. You are likely to develop new ideas to bring in profits. It is an excellent time to work with large groups and to attend international conferences. Join new networks, social groups, and internet communities. Brothers elder to you, cousins and friends will step in to help you reach your goals. There will be an overall improvement in your lifestyle. You may experience a positive attitude and have a cheerful married life. You will be appreciated by friends and associates. Jupiter ushers in optimism and positive energy into your life but your vision needs to be structured, disciplined and controlled. Income from your profession is likely to increase. You will try to reach out to people beyond your personal and professional circles and open doors to both opportunities & success bringing joy into your life. All you need is to sense the opportunities.


Jupiter transits through your 10th House (of career and public image). It brings with it opportunities for expansion in the field of your activities. You may shine in your profession as your public image gets better. Your ability to understand the future trends and psychological patterns enable you at handling enormous responsibilities at work. You will wish to work with the learned in the society. If you are self employed, you will manage money and resources effectively and you will get along really well with your colleagues. Jupiter helps you accumulate wealth, buy land or property, and get educated. If investments are made properly, speculative transactions will yield long term profits. You will be dealing with your foreign clients or groups more often and you may also have to travel abroad in connection with your work. Money will flow in easily. You will easily defeat your opponents. You may come across a good chance of signing a profitable deal.


Jupiter’s transit through your 9th House (of fortunes) will broaden your horizons. Freedom and expansion of horizons will be more important than security. The urge to look for job opportunities abroad can play an important role in your life now. It is also an ideal time to take a long trip and visit sacred places that you have always been dreaming of. You may experience an intense desire to learn philosophy and metaphysics. This transit will provide you an opportunity of learning as well as being someone’s mentor. Jupiter will help grow your conscience and you will replace your beliefs with knowledge. The transit is favourable and you and your family will be well positioned socially. Your communication skills will be highly creative and at their best; ideal time for writing something you intend to publish. Foreign contacts will bring in gains.


Jupiter transits through your 8th House (of inheritance). You are likely to inherit more than your expectations. If you are a businessman, you will use your credit effectively and you are likely to achieve good benefits during this phase. It is also a good time to avail loans. Your sexual desires will drive you crazy and you may contemplate marriage. You will try to maintain the family traditions & culture. Though your expenses will be controlled, refrain from indulging in speculations. Jupiter may help you accumulate wealth, if you manage your resources well. Your spouse will be cooperative, particularly in financial matters. You will enjoy the conjugal bliss during this phase. You will also have a cordial relationship with your close relatives. This transit is the time for religious and spiritual regeneration.


Jupiter transits through your 7th House (of marriage, partnership, and relationships) will make relationships and partnerships easier, thus enhancing your chances of getting married. If you are married, Jupiter helps you understand your partner’s needs & desires and a chance to fulfil them. Attempting to sort out problems in your relationship, you will come up with amazing solutions leading to absolute matrimonial bliss. A counsellor will help you out of the court case you are in. There is tendency to become obese, so control your urge for food (especially the sweet tooth). Problems related to the digestive system may pop up. Jupiter’s aspect will bestow you with wealth, great social relations, vehicles and the pleasures of married life. Jupiter also brings better prospects for the businessmen. New contracts and frequent travelling will keep you occupied. Business trips will be successful as they will enhance the chances of expansion of your business. Jupiter will improve your image considerably and you are all set to become the blue eyed boy in your office.


Jupiter’s transit through your 6th House (of competition & conflict) helps you look at problems with a positive attitude. You will try to solve the conflicts, results of your past deeds. You will be open minded, philosophical, and inclusive while discussing your problems. But there are chances of argumentative conflicts and complications in your married life. Over-eating may lead to some physiological problems. Those in business will be served by optimistic and faithful employees at workplace. This transit gives a sense of purpose and structure to your life. Your work environs is likely to improve. The transit will open gates to opportunities. Job satisfaction will be more than ever before. You will hire the best female helpers available in the town. You will spend a lot of your time with the high and mighty of the society. You will gain popularity, wealth, and status.


Jupiter’s transit through your 5th House (of self expression & creative performance) will embellish your creativity. Jupiter will bring forth the artistic abilities which you were unaware of. Gains through art, craft, and creative performance will be high. Cupid is all set to strike, during the transit. And this time the love affair will remain for lifetime. If already in love, the transit will expand the range of experiences in your love life. The period is favourable if you are planning a baby. If you have children, Jupiter will improve your relationship with them. Jupiter rules luck, but it does not favour gambling. The time seems good for travelling or working abroad, getting advanced education, and studying philosophy and religion. You will be a social butterfly flitting around doubling your circle of friends and acquaintances.


Jupiter’s transit through your 4th House (of your inner peace & home), will improve your domestic life. You will be open to ideas and suggestions from well wishers and family members. This attitude will help you rid of problems in the family. Your family will stick with you through the hard times, assures Ganesha. You will either purchase a new house or renovate your present house. Investments in real estate will prove beneficial. Jupiter will bring you close to your cultural roots. Appreciation will come from people who really matter to you. The peaceful domestic environs will lift your spirits and thus achieving your professional goals will become a much easier task. You will be spiritually inclined during this period.


Jupiter’s transit through your 3rd House (of communications, short trips, neighbours, and siblings), will bring out your excellent communication skills. It will enhance your skills in group activities such as meetings and conferences. Short-term business travel and creative writing will reap in profits. It also helps you increase your contacts within your immediate surroundings. Your relationship with your siblings and cousins will improve. You can also expect some financial benefits from them. More importantly, your vision will expand and you will upgrade your thinking. You will be more generous and tolerant towards your opponents and critics.


Jupiter’s transit through your 2nd House (of income, values, speech and family) helps you develop new financial resources. Obviously, your income will take an upward leap, especially for the businessmen. Be confident or else you will not be able to handle resources efficiently. And a mismanagement of resources at this time truly means a waste of this favourable phase. In the process of development, you will learn a lot about yourself & your family values while you will also realize the importance of material possessions. You are likely to do well in your profession. You will get along well with your seniors and colleagues. Your opinion will be taken seriously by the people around you. The time is good for consolidating your position. Methodical working will help you accomplish a lot. The result of a court matter will be less painful than you thought.


Jupiter’s transit over your natal Moon means you will have strong spirit of reform with a hopeful, sociable and visionary outlook. It brings new opportunities. In an attempt to finish off tasks, you will prefer the easy way of doing things. And due to this behaviour, you may gain weight eventually leading to health issues. The transit will bring noticeable improvements in your financial matters. Your generosity will know no bounds and hence you may give away your wealth to religious institutions. If you are unmarried, you may meet your soul-mate during this transit. This is a favourable time for creative matters, romance, love, travel, and higher education. The optimistic and amiable conditions in your married life will help conception and you may be blessed with a child.


Jupiter’s transit through your 12th House (of mysticism & expenses) indicates personal refinement. You may experience some constraints and difficulties in life which will make you aware of the futility of your efforts to satisfy your senses. But Jupiter will definitely protect you in whatever circumstances you may be placed. Material benefits may reduce. There are chances that you travel to foreign land or go on a pilgrimage. Your power of imagination will be excellent. You will have a strong desire to learn the spiritual and religious sides of life. It is not a particularly exciting time in the bedroom, but you will remain connected to your partner through dreams. Your generous nature will be applauded and will give you satisfaction.

With Ganesha’s grace,

Tanmay K Thakar

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