jQuery Image & Content Scroller w/ Lightbox



jQuery Image & Content Scroller w/ Lightbox - 1 
jQuery Image & Content Scroller w/ Lightbox - 2
jQuery Image & Content Scroller w/ Lightbox - 3 

jQuery Image & Content Scroller w/ Lightbox - 4

This is a jQuery content scroller with lightbox.
The scroll bar/indexes and directional buttons allow for easy navigation of your gallery.
Slide click can either open the included lightbox or a regular link.
The scroller can also be responsive and it’s fully configurable through the plugin’s parameters.


  • Horizontal or vertical orientation available.
  • Responsive mode available.
  • Slides can contain image, flash, iframe, ajax, and inline content.
  • Configurable number of slides visible per scroll.
  • Can turn auto rotation on/off. Auto play can be paused by mouseover, scroller’s interaction, or play button.
  • Image position mode available, including center, fit to screen, fill to screen, or stretch.
  • Configurable text caption, including positioning inside/outside and top/bottom.
  • Captions allow for html description, including embedding links.
  • Able to add unlimited number of slides.
  • Use scroll bar is draggable to its nearest position. Also, scroll bar’s track is clickable.
  • Alternatively, use the indexes instead of scroll bar for navigation.
  • Can set slides in random order.
  • Lightbox’s image rotation is available.
  • Lightbox can be used seperately by itself as a standalone plugin without the scroller.
  • Lightbox is fully controllable by keyboard press and mousewheel scroll.
  • Lightbox is automatically positioned and fitted accordingly to browser window.

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