Jitterbug Perfume

“Subatomic particles apparently de- and rematerialize fairly routinely…some of them actually can be in two places at once. Their freedom from the normal confines of the space time continuum is thought to be the result of a weird electricity, an intelligent, creative, playful, and unpredictable interaction among oppositely charged entities in motion.”

“When interrogated about how they can walk through flames without being burned, ‘primitives’ have conveyed to anthropologists that they raise the vibratory level of their flesh to equal that of the fire. In like manner, then, an adept might raise-or lower- his or her vibratory rate to match that of another dimension, thereby disappearing from our customary universe and popping up in the other: dematerialization.”

Tom Robbins

It started for me in 1984, when the guide Jitterbug Perfume was first launched. I bear in mind falling in love with Tom Robbins writing, and shortly devoured most of his books. Honestly, I had forgotten the story for a few years, however late final summer time, a really pricey good friend, my twin, with whom I’ve practiced lucid dreaming and time journey, (which is sort of one other story) referred to as me up and mentioned, “Have you read Jitterbug Perfume lately?”

I mentioned “No, I haven’t read it for years and years.”

He replied, “Get the book and read it, it is our story.”

So I bought the guide, packed it in my suitcase and set off for Santa Fe to check with one of many world’s main distillers of important oils.

The first day of the workshop, the distiller mentioned, “If you never read another book about essential oils, the only book you have to read is Jitterbug Perfume.”

You is perhaps pondering, as I did, this can be a signal, for sitting in my backpack was the guide, eager for my consideration.

I by no means did get the possibility to learn it on that journey, however got here residence and was instantly absorbed by the guide. The extra I learn, the extra I used to be moved, commanded, impulsed and compelled to start a quest to make this fragrant elixir.

I marched into Farmer and the Cook, our native farm to desk restaurant and natural meals retailer, the place I sought out the farmer, Steve Sprinkel, synchronistically discovering him in his workplace.

“Steve,” I mentioned, “I need beet pollen.” (Beet pollen being one of many predominant components in Jitterbug Perfume).

Steve laughed and appeared up, “Jitterbug Perfume!”

“Yes,” I replied, “how did you know??”

“I remember the book…” he mentioned “I have just planted beets and you can have a couple of rows. They must vernalize in order to set flowers, so by next year, you will have pollen.”

So I went out to the farm and started to commune with my beets, anxiously awaiting the approaching Winter and subsequent Spring and the approaching of beet flowers. I spent many afternoons watching these beets develop, and at last in mid March, the primary flowers set. I went out at some point and the aroma of beet flowers was wafting via the nice and cozy Spring day.

Now for these of you who haven’t skilled the scent of beet flowers, it’s not a very pretty scent, however somewhat a musky, goaty, scent that every so often gave off the odor of previous soiled socks. Lovely you say, no, not pretty, however very earthy, primal.

The beet flowers instructed me in the right way to harvest, I used to be by no means in cost, they had been the trainer all alongside. I spent the subsequent 5 months visiting the farm twice weekly, spending hours harvesting beet pollen and flowers to make the fabled Jitterbug Perfume.

If you haven’t learn the guide, you may think about selecting up a replica, it’s a marvelous learn, and in it you’ll study that it’s a guide about immortality and time journey, with Jitterbug Perfume being the principle ingredient for each of these adventures.

I used to be pushed to make this fragrance and contacted Tom Robbins, after sleuthing out his handle, and informed him, that as eccentric as I is perhaps, I believed with all of my coronary heart, that Jitterbug Perfume was true, it was actual, and that I used to be endeavoring to make the fragrance, as I used to be, and am now much more so, satisfied it was a software for time journey, an elixir of immortality, and would love to have the ability to name the resultant fragrance, Jitterbug.

Much to my delight and shock he wrote me again saying that despite the fact that the occasions within the guide did not really occur it was certainly a real story and that I had his full permission to make use of the identify Jitterbug Perfume if I used to be profitable in my endeavor. Well, profitable I used to be after which some!!

And so, underneath the darkish of a New Moon in August, the primary bottle was completed. I shipped the primary bottle to Mr. Robbins, and he was delighted and thrilled with it, telling me that I’ve certainly made he and his guide proud!!

Jitterbug has given me very particular directions in how it’s for use, and I’ve obeyed its each request. The experiences persons are having proceed to make me shake my head in absolute marvel and amazement.

It is unquestionably amrita for the olfactory system and an elixir of immortality. I will probably be reporting extra as time goes alongside, however one factor Jitterbug has informed me that it’s not to be provided commercially, and it’s my obligation to arrange individuals to expertise the fragrance. Jitterbug appears to have an influence and presence and is aware of precisely what every individual wants and takes them the place they should go! I’ve been amazed on the energy of this magical elixir!

I’m the common-or-garden servant of Jitterbug Perfume and really feel honored to be so!

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Source by Allison Stillman

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