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Jevelin CSS Editor
Jevelin CSS Editor

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About Jevelin

Since its initial release, Jevelin has gone from strength to strength. Now one of the most popular multi-purpose WordPress themes available today, users have consistently given Jevelin positive ratings.

With a growing library of high-quality, professional website designs ready to be imported into your WordPress site in just a few clicks, Jevelin can help you launch a wide range of websites in no time at all. From corporate homepages and agency websites to landing pages, startup landing pages, event websites, wedding, photography, fitness, ecommerce, blog and creative portfolios, Jevelin covers the full spectrum of projects.
Thanks to the wealth of customization options, settings, and tools, personalizing the demo websites, pre-built layouts, and content has never been easier. Use the powerful Jevelin theme options control panel to adjust the site settings, before launching the drag-and-drop page builder tool to tweak and customize the individual pages.
Whether you want to take a hands-on approach to building your website or you’d prefer to leverage the pre-built content, Jevelin includes all you’ll need in one easy to use package. For those new to WordPress, everything is covered by the online documentation and video tutorials.
With so many settings and options to make use of, not to mention the pre-built websites, layouts, and templates, Jevelin provides you with everything required to create a high quality and unique website with WordPress.

One-Click Website Installation

With the foolproof demo content installer tool, you can have your new website up and running in a matter of minutes. Simply choose which demo website to install, press a few buttons, and then replace the sample content with your own.

Multiple Unique Website Demos

Jevelin is a true multi-purpose WordPress theme and this is reflected in the library of professional website demos you’ll have access to. From business and agency websites to eCommerce stores and personal portfolios, all the most common types of projects are covered by the pre-built Jevelin demos. With new demos being regularly added, launching a landing page or website for your startup, gym, yoga studio, blog, wedding, photography or other event has never been easier.

Unique Layouts and Templates

As well as the pre-built websites, Jevelin is packed with unique page layouts and templates, including over 10 portfolio options. These page designs can be mixed and match to help you create a unique website. As they’re all fully customizable, it’s easy to stamp your personality on your new site with Jevelin.
Countless Customization Options
Thanks to the intuitive theme options control panel, you can customize almost every aspect of your website without ever touching a line of code. Creating custom color schemes, changing the fonts, and adjusting the site layouts are just some of the modifications you can make to your website with Jevelin.

Drag-and-Drop Page Builder

In addition to the theme options control panel, Jevelin also includes Unyson drag-and-drop page builder tool.

Powerful Slideshow Builder Tool

With the best-selling Slider Revolution plugin included in the theme package, many of the Jevelin demos feature high-quality slideshow presentations. Creating your own mobile-friendly animated text, image, or video based sliders is all part of the core functionality of this theme.

Mega Menus

Upgrade the navigation areas of your site with Mega Menus. Now you can display images and other content in your drop down menus to encourage your visitors to reach your most important content.

Social Share Functionality

Thanks to the social media features of Jevelin, your audience will never be more than a click away from sharing your content with their followers on the most popular social networks.

Custom Widgets

Enhance your sidebars, footers, and other widgetized areas of your website with the Jevelin custom widgets. Popular options include the portfolio, recent posts, social media icons widgets to name just a few.

Full Ecommerce Support

With a full suite of ecommerce capabilities thanks to tight integration with the leading WordPress WooCommerce plugin, creating a highly professional, fully functional online shop has never been easier.
Mobile Ready and Fully Responsive
No matter what device your visitors are using to access your site, the layout will fluidly respond to the screen size to ensure they can still read, browse, shop, download, and interact with your website in every other way.

Search Engine Optimized

If you choose Jevelin, search engine optimization (SEO) is one less thing to worry out. Thanks to the strong SEO focus of Jevelin, your website will stand every chance of being found in search engines.

Multilingual and RTL Support

Jevelin has been built to work seamlessly with the best multilingual WordPress plugins giving you the option of publishing your content in more than one language. Full right to left (RTL) text support is part of the package too.

Video Tutorials

Whether you’re new to WordPress or you just want to create the perfect website, the Jevelin video tutorials will guide you through the process of launching your new site, from start to finish.

Lifetime Updates and User Support

Each purchase of Jevelin grants you lifetime access to future theme updates at no extra cost. You also get six months of user support with the option of extending this period should you wish.

More features

<li>Powerful admin interface</li>
  <li>Highly customizable</li>
  <li>Easy to use drag and drop page builder</li>
  <li>No coding knowledge required</li>
  <li>Change main accent colors from page to page</li>
  <li>Change header layout from page to page</li>
  <li>Separate header logo for standard, sticky, and mobile versions</li>
  <li>Auto adjustable Mega Menu</li>
  <li>10+ Portfolio layout combinations</li>
  <li>Multiple portfolio overlays</li>
  <li>Multiple portfolio single item layouts</li>
  <li>Unlimited portfolio description fields</li>
  <li>6 Blog layouts</li>
  <li>Custom post formats: Gallery, Quote, Link, Audio, Video</li>
  <li>AMP support</li>
  <li>Custom author page</li>
  <li>Social Share functionality</li>
  <li>Side widget area</li>
  <li>Contacts widget</li>
  <li>Social icons widget</li>
  <li>Portfolio widget</li>
  <li>Multiple page options</li>
  <li>40+ element animations</li>
  <li>Video background sections</li>
  <li>Parallax background sections</li>
  <li>Parallax Video background sections</li>
  <li>Testimonials carousel shortcode</li>
  <li>Multiple locations on Google Maps</li>
  <li>Realtime preview for Google Maps locations</li>
  <li>Image curtains shortcode</li>
  <li>Image points shortcode</li>
  <li>Styling options for elements</li>
  <li>404 Page customization</li>
  <li>Smooth scroll</li>
  <li>Back to Top</li>
  <li>Unified options all across theme</li>
  <li>Page notice option about cookies</li>
  <li>Page loader with multiple styles</li>
  <li>Customizable footer layout &#8211; up to 4 columns</li>
  <li>Parallax footer</li>
  <li>RTL support</li>
  <li>Wide and boxed layouts</li>
  <li>Child Theme included</li>
  <li>Translation Ready</li>
  <li><strong>Demo content with actual images</strong></li>
  <li><strong>Professional Support</strong></li>
  <li><strong>Regular Updates</strong></li>

<br />


<p><strong>Version 4.8.4</strong>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Titlebar can&#8217;t be disabled in products page</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Single image element alignment option doesn&#8217;t work for Unyson Builder when lazy loading enabled</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Single image element mobile alignment option doesn&#8217;t work for Unyson Builder when lazy loading enabled</li>

<p><strong>Version 4.8.3</strong>
   <li>Added &#8211; Theme option to change AMP mode to other that reader</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; Theme option to change the navigation menu text color of light desktop header</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Unyson demo content doesn&#8217;t import correctly for multiple demos like construction, foodie, portfolio and others after plugin update</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Unyson demo content installs, but doesn&#8217;t set the new demo front page correctly for multiple demos</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Custom JavaScript code escaping output issue</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Some theme color options color codes doesn&#8217;t fit fully inside input box</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; In some theme settings sections bottom save button layout issue</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; WooCommerce empty cart page have too many notices after removing everything from the cart</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Header builder mobile dropdown link can&#8217;t be open</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Static.php PHP notice issue that shows sometimes after fresh installation</li>

<p><strong>Version 4.8.2</strong>
   <li>Added &#8211; Minimal furniture shop demo</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; Animated image element (live demo in main showcase page)</li>
   <li>Updated &#8211; Slider Revolution plugin to the latest version (6.2.23)</li>
   <li>Updated &#8211; WPBakery Page Builder to the latest version (6.4.1)</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Image gallery overlay can&#8217;t be disabled</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; PHP error notices when single image element is empty</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Header buttons creates empty space in some cases when not added</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; WooCommerce empty cart page have too many notices</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Contact form 7 element submit button mobile alignment doesn&#8217;t work in some cases</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; JS error related to one click navigation</li>

<p><strong>Version 4.8.1</strong>
   <li>Added &#8211; Compatibility with WooCommerce 4.5.1 (tested and working good)</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; Framework upgrade placeholder page</li>
   <li>Improved &#8211; Page, post and portfolio settings compatibility with Redux Framework</li>
   <li>Updated &#8211; WPbakery Page Builder to the latest version (6.4)</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Redux integration causes PHP error for older PHP versions</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Some automated testing tools shows warning related to admin.php file</li>

Version 4.8

  • Added – Jevelin getting ready to migrate from Unyson to Redux framework (includes large amount of backend changes)
  • Improved – Widgets now support Redux only mode
  • Improved – File organization for admin assets and main PHP files
  • Improved – Loading performance for both Unyson and Redux frameworks
  • Improved – Admin dashboard CSS and JS file enqueue
  • Updated – WooCommerce template files
  • Updated – Slider Revolution plugin to the latest version (6.2.22)
  • Updated – WPBakery Page Builder to the latest version (6.3)
  • Fixed – Unyson theme settings title CSS styling issue after newest plugin update
  • Fixed – Instagram widget JavaScript error when leaving username blank
  • Fixed – WooCommerce outdated files issue
<p><strong>Version 4.7.1</strong>
   <li>Added &#8211; WordPress 5.5 and WooCommerce 4.3 support (tested and working good)</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; Education WPBakery page builder content (more WPBakery content versions in next updates)</li>
   <li>Improved &#8211; When importing OCDI demo content now is less likely that the frontpage content will be skipped due to old WordPress content</li>
   <li>Improved &#8211; OCDI page description is now updated with warning about old WordPress content that may interfere with demo importer</li>
   <li>Updated &#8211; Slider Revolution plugin to the latest version (6.2.19), update is required for WordPress 5.5 version</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; JS related error after updating to WP 5.5</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Color picker doesn&#8217;t work in theme settings, page settings and customizer after updating to WP 5.5</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Theme settings main heading styling issues after updating to WP 5.5</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Recent posts widget won&#8217;t show correct author link in some cases</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Header builder logo in between layout doesn&#8217;t display right side navigation content in mobile dropdown</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; OCDI plugin name typo (renamed Install to Import)</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; &#8220;Header Search Results&#8221; opacity doesn&#8217;t work in mobile layout</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; &#8220;Topbar&#8221; on/off option doesn&#8217;t work in some cases</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; WooCommerce grouped product styling and quantity increase button issues</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Issue when navigation menu won&#8217;t auto assign in some cases after demo import</li>

<p><strong>Version 4.7</strong>
   <li>Added &#8211; Mobile App 2 demo</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; URL in lightbox option for icon element</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; Mobile Max Width Alignment option for WPBakery row and inner row elements</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; Footer layout option for individual pages and posts</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; &#8220;Shufflehound Instagram&#8221; widget will automatically replace deprecated &#8220;WP Instagram Widget&#8221; widget</li>
   <li>Improved &#8211; &#8220;WP Instagram Widget&#8221; plugin is deprecated as it doesn&#8217;t work and should be removed</li>
   <li>Updated &#8211; Slider Revolution plugin to the latest version (6.2.15)</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Image border radius doesn&#8217;t work in some cases</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Column max inner width option doesn&#8217;t work in some cases</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Portfolio widget title isn&#8217;t translation ready</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Blog single post local audio and video media doesn&#8217;t work in some cases when caching is enabled</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Header builder hide mobile search and social icons doesn&#8217;t work correctly</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Header builder mobile button margin issue</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Instagram element doesn&#8217;t work and returns error</li>

<p><strong>Version 4.6.9</strong>
   <li>Added &#8211; Compatibility with WooCommerce 4.2.0 (tested and working good)</li>
   <li>Improved &#8211; Team member element description tag is hidden if empty</li>
   <li>Updated &#8211; Slider Revolution plugin to the latest version (6.2.12)</li>
   <li>Updated &#8211; Yellow Pencil Pro to the latest version (7.3.1)</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Multiple team member element PHP notice related issues</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; &#8220;Showing all 0 results&#8221; issue when count won&#8217;t show up</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; WooCommerce loop product read more styling issue in some cases</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Header mobile navigation won&#8217;t close after clicking on page link</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Invert background button shows outside WPBakery page builder</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Header builder mobile view won&#8217;t show buttons</li>

<p><strong>Version 4.6.8</strong>
   <li>Updated &#8211; Slider Revolution plugin to the latest version (6.2.6)</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Incorrect author name for blog posts element posts in some specific cases</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; PHP 7.4 Slider Revolution related notice issue should be fixed after plugin update</li>

Version 4.6.7

  • Added – Compatibility with PHP 7.4
  • Updated – WPbakery Page Builder to the latest version (6.2)
  • Updated – Yellow Pencil Pro to the latest version (7.3.0)
  • Fixed – Font awesome icons not working correctly in theme settings
  • Fixed – Google Analytics ID mismatched code issue
  • Fixed – Social sharing links being blocked by various browsers
  • Fixed – Header builder mobile sticky menu icon line color issue
  • Fixed – Many notices and deprecated warning regarding to PHP 7.4
  • Fixed – Mobile menu won’t close when clicking on internal links
  • Fixed – Removed some leftover JS debugging notices
<p><strong>Version 4.6.6</strong>
   <li>Added &#8211; Compatibility with WordPress 5.4 (tested and working good)</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; Custom accent and heading color options for AMP posts</li>
   <li>Improved &#8211; Input field styling for [type=&#8221;url&#8221;]</li>
   <li>Improved &#8211; Theme dashboard styling</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Blog posts element categories switch doesn&#8217;t show specific categories</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; DevTools failed to parse SourceMap</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Blog posts comments meta link doesn&#8217;t work correctly</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Warning: create default object with empty value in some cases</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Portfolio category pagination issues with first page link</li>

<p><strong>Version 4.6.5</strong>
   <li>Updated &#8211; Slider Revolution plugin to the latest version</li>
   <li>Updated &#8211; Yellow Pencil Pro to the latest version</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; An AMP component script tag is present more than once in the document</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Unyson builder image gallery slider hover not working in post content</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Schema related PHP issues</li>

<p><strong>Version 4.6.4</strong>
   <li>Added &#8211; AMP section in theme settings</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; Multiple new color and size options for AMP</li>
   <li>Updated &#8211; Slider Revolution plugin to the latest version</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; CSS related issues in AMP</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; W3 Total Cache compatibility issue with blog page</li>

<p><strong>Version 4.6.3</strong>
   <li>Added &#8211; AMP support for blog posts</li>
   <li>Improved &#8211; Schema for headers, footers, sidebars, articles, comments and more</li>
   <li>Improved &#8211; Blog overlay with added title tag for tooltip</li>
   <li>Updated &#8211; Yellow Pencil Pro to the latest version</li>
   <li>Updated &#8211; Default blog style to style 2</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Portfolio category link in single page not working in specific cases</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Video (local) and audio (local) posts doesn&#8217;t show media in blog posts lists</li>

<p><strong>Version 4.6.2</strong>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Blog posts element category tabs option doesn&#8217;t work</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Empty H2 element when using WooCommerce header cart</li>

<p><strong>Version 4.6.1</strong>
   <li>Added &#8211; Option to add Copyright text for main post media</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; LinkedIn social media option for header builder elementi</li>
   <li>Updated &#8211; Slider Revolution plugin to the latest version</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Color options in theme settings have incorrect height</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Image gallery element doesn&#8217;t work well with accordion element</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Undefined JS issue when using right side navigation in header builder</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; White space issue when using right side navigation in header builder</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Couter element issue when counting to some specific numbers</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; WooCommerce 3.9 compatibility issues</li>

<p><strong>Version 4.6.0</strong>
   <li>Added &#8211; Option to add local audio and video files to single post page</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; Option to change WooCommerce product page tabs location</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; Option to add sort by sale in WooCommerce products page sort by button</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; Option to hide page featured image in page settings (still visible for SEO)</li>
   <li>Improved &#8211; Image points text is now much easier to view on touch devices</li>
   <li>Improved &#8211; Header builder element is now out of beta</li>
   <li>Improved &#8211; Removed Google Plus leftovers from social plugin and social media in theme settings</li>
   <li>Updated &#8211; Slider Revolution plugin to the latest version</li>
   <li>Updated &#8211; Yellow Pencil Pro to the latest version</li>
   <li>Updated &#8211; Theme language translation file (.pot)</li>
   <li>Updated &#8211; Autospot (Unyson demo) is deprecated from OCDI demo installer due to install issues (still available under Unyson demo installer &#8220;Tools &gt; Demo Content Install&#8221;)</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Link in a new window option doesn&#8217;t work for mobile navigation</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Blog page categories filters doesn&#8217;t work when load more button or infinite scroll enabled</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; WooCommerce &#8220;Available on backorder&#8221; notification PHP related issue</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Simple line icons font files can&#8217;t be removed by plugin that removes query strings</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Header navigation category page active indicator doesn&#8217;t work</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Portfolio &#8220;Gallery Dynamic Slider&#8221; option doesn&#8217;t work on mobile</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; WooCommerce item style 2 doesn&#8217;t work for [recent_products] shortcode</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Customizer options doesn&#8217;t save in some specific cases</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; When adding new post theme settings custom font isn&#8217;t loading</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Blog demo slider installs broken after Revolution Slider 6 update</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Recent posts widget PHP notice issue in some specific cases</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Theme dashboard chandgelog weird symbol issue in some cases</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Shufflehound social widget shows blank icons in some specific cases</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; WPBakery Image Carousel element prev/next buttons doesn&#8217;t work</li>

Version 4.5.8

  • Fixed – A few HTML markup errors

Version 4.5.7

  • Added – Buisness demo
  • Added – Mobile App demo
  • Added – Border related options for icon element
  • Added – Alignment option for navigation element in WPbakery page builder
  • Added – Button element font weight medium and black options
  • Added – Input field font size and submit button font weight options for Contact Form 7 element in WPbakery page builder
  • Added – Icon option for header button element
  • Updated – WPbakery Page Builder to the latest version
  • Improved – Unyson demo installer demo names
  • Fixed – List element align issue after previous update
  • Fixed – WPbakery page builder can’t save template
  • Fixed – Button element font weight extra bold issue
<p><strong>Version 4.5.6</strong>
   <li>Added &#8211; Startup Creative demo</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; Portfolio Freelance demo</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; Option to change image gallery dots bottom position margin</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; Option to change global single portfolio content padding</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; Option to switch between two header menu icon styles</li>
   <li>Improved &#8211; Unyson page builder overall styling</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Built-in WPbakery page builder WooCommerce product elements not responsive</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Unyson page builder related visual styling issues</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Image gallery element PHP notice when empty content</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Heading and Heading pro elements font weight wrong settings issue</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Portfolio category page shows shortcodes in content preview</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Image gallery element responsive padding issue</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Footer builder page preview get cropped sides</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Unyson demo importer doesn&#8217;t work after our server upgrades</li>

<p><strong>Version 4.5.5</strong>
   <li>Added &#8211; Startup Clean demo</li>
   <li>Updated &#8211; Slider Revolution plugin to the latest version</li>
   <li>Updated &#8211; Yellow Pencil Pro to the latest version</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; WooCommerce 3.8 compatibility issues</li>

<p><strong>Version 4.5.4</strong>
   <li>Added &#8211; Portfolio Minimalistic demo</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; Replace icon with image and text line height options for list element in WPbakery page builder</li>
   <li>Improved &#8211; Backend OCDI plugin compatibility</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Removed Google Plus social network from last places</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Post pagination not working when setting your homepage displays your latest posts</li>

<p><strong>Version 4.5.3</strong>
   <li>Added &#8211; Accounting demo</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; Line height and box size options for icon element</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; Hide top bar in mobile for header builder element</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; Icon size option for button element</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; Custom shadow options for row and column elements in WPbakery page builder</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; Search icon for top bar in header builder element</li>
   <li>Improved &#8211; Link related options for icon element</li>
   <li>Improved &#8211; Small tweaks in theme settings</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Header and footer edit button height related issue</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; WPbakery row and column elements responsive padding, margin doesn&#8217;t work in footer and header builders</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Portfolio element preview doesn&#8217;t work in WPbakery page builder frontend editor</li>

<p><strong>Version 4.5.2</strong>
   <li>Added &#8211; Portfolio Full Width demo</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; 6 column option for partners element</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; Text size mobile option for text block</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; Image size option for video element</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; Border radius option for Contact Form 7 element in WPbakery page builder</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; Title, content, category and read more elements multiple styling options for blog posts element</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; Font weight and spacing options for list element in WPbakery page builder</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; Multiple new color options for header builder in WPbakery page builder</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; Number only style and improved number font weight option for counter element</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; Navigation element now supports source to choose menu from dropdown</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; Header 6 simple layout for header classic</li>
   <li>Improved &#8211; Portfolio page settings custom fields layout</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Portfolio filter responsive margin issue when using responsive center option</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Portfolio gallery and video spacing issue</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; PHP notice related to header builder top bar</li>

<p><strong>Version 4.5.1</strong>
   <li>Improved &#8211; Print preview layout</li>
   <li>Improved &#8211; Small design improvements for theme and page settings</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Posts category page showing all posts issues</li>

<p><strong>Version 4.5.0</strong>
   <li>Added &#8211; Architect demo</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; New page settings design</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; New options for post and portfolio page settings</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; Titlebar title and breadcrumbs elements to use it with header builder</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; Icon element option to add it inside box and change its colors</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; Mobile alignment option for single image and icon group</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; 5 columns option for portfolio 2.0 element</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; Counter element option to add symbol after counter number (like +)</li>
   <li>Updated &#8211; Slider Revolution plugin to the latest version</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Portfolio page padding issues when ussing WPbakery page builder</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Heading element hover trigger doesn&#8217;t work in inner row</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; When setting page as blog page in settings sidebar can&#8217;t be disabled</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Smooth scrolling can&#8217;t be disabled in some cases</li>

<p><strong>Version 4.4.7</strong>
   <li>Added &#8211; Single product demo</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; New header builder layout</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; Button custom line height option</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; Icon size element custom icon size option</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; Option to invert header builder background colors</li>
   <li>Improved &#8211; Blog post options</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Header builer mobile border color option not working</li>

<p><strong>Version 4.4.6</strong>
   <li>Added &#8211; Personal blog</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; Grid 2.0 style for blog posts element</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; Bottom margin option for blog posts element</li>
   <li>Updated &#8211; Slider Revolution plugin to the latest version</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Blog style masonry 2.0 line overflows content</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Blog style with small images issue with gallery &#8211; showing multiple different sizes</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Titlebar title color option in theme settings doesn&#8217;t work</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Sticky header in header builder doesn&#8217;t work smooth on iOS devices</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Single image element lightbox in some cases automatically disables</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Multiple typos in theme settings</li>

<p><strong>Version 4.4.5</strong>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; WPbakery page builder single image element lazy loading prevented to see element in backend</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; PHP related error when Autopmize plugin is enabled and trying to edit in WPbakery page builder</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Something went wrong with the plugin API when installing plugins</li>

<p><strong>Version 4.4.4</strong>
   <li>Added &#8211; Set any WPbakery builder page as 404 page in theme settings</li>
   <li>Updated &#8211; Yellow Pencil Pro to 7.2.4 version</li>
   <li>Updated &#8211; Header and footer sections now removes beta tags</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Smooth scroll causing JavaScript issues in iframe</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Text group element related PHP notice issue</li>

<p><strong>Version 4.4.3</strong>
   <li>Added &#8211; Plugin installation, import demo and templates usage tutorial videos in the dashboard</li>
   <li>Improved &#8211; Jevelin dashboard design consistency</li>
   <li>Updated &#8211; WPBakery Page Builder page builder plugin to the latest version</li>
   <li>Updated &#8211; Slider Revolution plugin to the latest version</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; WooCommerce 3.7 compatibility issues</li>

<p><strong>Version 4.4.2</strong>
   <li>Added &#8211; Footer Builder element option to set columns gap</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; Margin responsive option for heading and heading pro element</li>
   <li>Improved &#8211; Alert box element for Unyson Builder now accepts HTML tags</li>
   <li>Improved &#8211; Small tweaks related to new Jevelin dashboard</li>
   <li>Updated &#8211; Child theme thumbnail (screenshot) image</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Accordion element collapse option doesn&#8217;t work in Unyson Builder element using in classic editor</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Support forum page won&#8217;t allow to login via dashboard</li>

<p><strong>Version 4.4.1</strong>
   <li>Added &#8211; Templates page to Jevelin dashboard</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; System status page to Jevelin dashboard</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; Contact Form 7 to recommended plugins</li>
   <li>Improved &#8211; Jevelin dashboard page changelog now shows last 10 versions content</li>
   <li>Improved &#8211; Jevelin dashboard page design and it&#8217;s content</li>
   <li>Improved &#8211; Install plugin page design and ease of use</li>
   <li>Improved &#8211; Theme Settings page design</li>
   <li>Improved &#8211; Import demo page design and ease of use</li>
   <li>Improved &#8211; Theme screenshot</li>
   <li>Updated &#8211; WPBakery Page Builder page builder plugin to the latest version</li>
   <li>Updated &#8211; Slider Revolution plugin to the latest version</li>
   <li>Updated &#8211; Yellow Pencil plugin to the latest version</li>
   <li>Updated &#8211; Envato Market plugin to the latest version</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; WPBakery Page Builder compatibility with the latest versions</li>

<p><strong>Version 4.4.0</strong>
   <li>Added &#8211; Fashion eCommerce demo</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; 100+ Jevelin Templates (available inside WPbakery templates)</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; Padding and multiple dropdown color options for Header builder in WPbakery</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; Padding option for icon group element</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; Font Weight option for button element</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; Option to disable WooCommerce popover</li>
   <li>Improved &#8211; Theme settings ease of use by sorting some options</li>
   <li>Improved &#8211; Code used for Google Analytics option in theme settings</li>
   <li>Updated &#8211; Revolution Slider to the latest 6.0.5 version</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Image gallery element lightbox URL variable issue</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Revolution Slider 6 compatibility issues</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Page featured image doesn&#8217;t work</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Mobile header search bar closes on click</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Portfolio categories doesn&#8217;t work in block editor</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Social widget issue with WPML plugin</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Icon box element large icon box URL not working</li>

<p><strong>Version 4.3.2</strong>
   <li>Added &#8211; Finances demo</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; Column element shadow block source block option for WPbakery</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; Text block element option to change link standard and hover colors</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; Partner element to change opacity for standard and hover states</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; Option to change responsive margin for image element for WPbakery</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; Contact form 7 element margin option for submit button for WPbakery</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; Font awesome icon pack option for header builder element for WPbakery</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; Multiple lightbox window related options in theme settings</li>
   <li>Improved &#8211; Font integration with Google Fonts</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Digital media agency preview link not working in OCDI plugin</li>

<p><strong>Version 4.3.1</strong>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; OCDI plugin theme demos not available</li>

<p><strong>Version 4.3.0</strong>
   <li>Added &#8211; Digital Media Agency demo</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; Lazy loading for some new elements</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; Sticky option for header builder in mobile layout</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; Inline option for button, heading, icon and single image elements so they can be added in one line together</li>
   <li>Updated &#8211; WPbakery Page builder to the latest version</li>
   <li>Improved &#8211; Unyson builder coliumn hover background image loading issue</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Unyson builder crops bottom sections in some cases</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Portfolio element spacing causes column width related issues</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Portfolio element spacing issue with default value</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; The Thrive Leads plugin button added in the menu doesn&#8217;t work in mobile.</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Portfolio category order doesn&#8217;t work</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Header builder mobile styling doesn&#8217;t work as expected</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Theme lazy loading doesn&#8217;t work in some cases</li>

<p><strong>Version 4.2.4</strong>
   <li>Added &#8211; Option to choose header builder for individual pages</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Header adds horizontal scrollbar</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Single portfolio page categories links doesn&#8217;t work in some cases</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; WooCommerce Categories elements notice when updating to WooCommerce 3.6 version</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Page layout option not working in some cases</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Portfolio element categories selection doesn&#8217;t work in WPbakery page builder</li>

<p><strong>Version 4.2.3</strong>
   <li>Addded &#8211; Compatibility with WooCommerce 3.6 version</li>
   <li>Updated &#8211; Yellow Pencil Pro to 7.2.1 version</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Portfolio custom fields options doesn&#8217;t work when block editor is activated</li>

<p><strong>Version 4.2.2</strong>
   <li>Updated &#8211; Yellow Pencil Editor to 7.2.0 version. Please update as all version bellow have security issues!</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; Import / export option for theme settings</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; Carousel settings with style, spacing, size and options in theme settings</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; Portfolio single project option to set full screen width</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; Portfolio single project option set gallery columns and enable slider</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; Portfolio element new overlay (improved naming for old ones ) and category order option</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; Header builder option to add button in standard header block too</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; List (WPbakery) element option to add link and change icon/text font size</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; Header builder main header buttons options</li>
   <li>Improved &#8211; Header builder element building and preview pages for better experience</li>

<p><strong>Version 4.2.1</strong>
   <li>Improved &#8211; Theme dashboard page</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Carousel dots alignment issue in some cases</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Javascript error in latest chrome versions (Unable to preventDefault inside passive event listener)</li>

<p><strong>Version 4.2.0</strong>
   <li>Added &#8211; Creative Agency demo</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; Option to set overflow for column element</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; Icon group element new style option</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; Icon group element option to set icon hover color and new style</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; Portfolio element spacing option</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; Footer widgets element option to set heading font weight</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; Button element option to set custom height and horizontal padding</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; Header builder element option to change sticky icon color</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; Instagram element for WPbakery page builder</li>
   <li>Improved &#8211; WPbakery page builder Jevelin element icons</li>
   <li>Improved &#8211; Jevelin theme settings page loading animation</li>
   <li>Updated &#8211; Theme settings color scheme and logo</li>
   <li>Updated &#8211; Revolution Slider to the latest version</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Contact Form 7 style 1 dropdown styling issue</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Woocommerce related product element responsive issue when using carousel</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Portfolio featured image not saving</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; On startup in admin panel new post/page/portfolio showing unstyled information</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Portfolio/portfolio fancy elements WPbakery Page Builder frontend mode not working correctly</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Portfolio/portfolio fancy elements lightbox gallery mode not working</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Footer builder element column responsive padding option not working</li>

<p><strong>Version 4.1.5</strong>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; JavaScript issue (lazy is not a function)</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; JavaScript issue (Cannot read property &#8216;replace&#8217; of undefined)</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; file not found</li>

<p><strong>Version 4.1.4</strong>
   <li>Added &#8211; Portfolio items now have option to add widgets to the sidebar</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; Option in theme settings to disable single blog post featured image lightbox</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Footer Builder CSS not working when using Polylang languages</li>

<p><strong>Version 4.1.3</strong>
   <li>Added &#8211; WPbakery demo installation support for Event, Nature, Fitness, Landing,</li>
   <li>Landing 2, Corporative, Shop, Autospot, Medical, Startup and Beauty demos</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; Option to set links for heading element</li>
   <li>Improved &#8211; Theme settings header logo descriptions and order for better ease of use</li>
   <li>Improved &#8211; Header builder mobile topbar responsiveness</li>
   <li>Updated &#8211; Yellow Pencil plugin to the latest version</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Fatal error in some cases related to get_current_screen function</li>

<p><strong>Version 4.1.2</strong>
   <li>Added &#8211; New notices in both Unyson and OCDI demo installer pages</li>
   <li>Improved &#8211; Updated default Jevelin logo</li>
   <li>Improved &#8211; Jevelin &gt; One Click Install link now reddirects to installation page if not installed</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Can&#8217;t update new pages after update</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Cookies notices is shown immediately after theme first activation (should be disabled by default)</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Default accent color not working immediately after theme first activation</li>

<p><strong>Version 4.1.1</strong>
   <li>Added &#8211; Medical demo</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; New avatar option in Testimonials for style 5</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; All vailable layouts to blog posts element</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; Pagination and categories wtich options for blog posts element</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; CSS Animation for Inner Columns in WPbakery</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; New option in theme settings under header search results</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; Text group element to WPbakery page builder</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; Portfolio fancy element WPbakery page builder</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; Responsive margin (1025px and bellow) option for WPbakery page builder rows</li>
   <li>Improved &#8211; Portfolio minimalistic style responsiveness</li>
   <li>Improved &#8211; Header and footer builders now work with multi language plugins</li>
   <li>Updated &#8211; WPbakery Page builder to the latest version</li>
   <li>Updated &#8211; Revolution Slider to the latest version</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Pulse animation doesn&#8217;t work for image points element in WPbakery</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Search results page padding issue in some cases</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Video player element placholder icon can&#8217;t be disabled</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; WPbakery column custom width in phone not working in some cases</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Header builder text weight regular setting doesn&#8217;t work</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Header builder sticky header strange behaver</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; WPbakery row and column responsive padding option doesn&#8217;t work with CSS/JS minify plugins</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Header and footer builders fatal error in some specific cases</li>

<p><strong>Version 4.1.0</strong>
   <li>Added &#8211; Option to set default portfolio page title</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; WPbakery CF7 element input fields border color, bottom margin and height options</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; WPbakery CF7 element submit button various options</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; WPbakery Row element option to change mobile background image and background position</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; Compact spacing option for both titlebar and header in mobile layout</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; WPbakery partners option to disable horizontal spacing</li>
   <li>Added &#8211; Option to choose how themes settings are stored (to fix some caching issues)</li>
   <li>Improved &#8211; Loading performance</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Footer developer copyrights issue by adding new option</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; WPbakery empty space element ID option not working</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Header and footer WPbakery content related issue</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Portfolio notice in some cases</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Google maps API key not working in some cases</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Inner row PHP notice issue in some cases</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Adding new Contact Form 7 replaces previous form</li>
   <li>Fixed &#8211; Portfolio notice issue when using categories in PHP 7.2</li>

<p><strong>Version 4.0.3</strong>
  <li>Fixed &#8211; Fatal error: call to undefined function is_plugin_active() </li>

<p><strong>Version 4.0.2</strong>
<li>Added &#8211; WordPress 5.0 compatibility</li>
  <li>Improved &#8211; Customizer options ease of use</li>
  <li>Fixed &#8211; Page and post settings accent color options isn&#8217;t working</li>
  <li>Fixed &#8211; Shop cart icon incorrect color</li>
  <li>Fixed &#8211; WPbakery &#8220;My Templates&#8221; tab isn&#8217;t scrollable</li>

<p><strong>Version 4.0.1</strong>
<li>Improved &#8211; Theme settings page with sticky header for better ease of use</li>
  <li>Improved &#8211; Google maps element for Unyson page builder</li>
  <li>Updated &#8211; Theme cover image</li>
  <li>Fixed &#8211; &#8220;Comment author must fill out name and email&#8221; doesn&#8217;t change comment required fields</li>
  <li>Fixed &#8211; Portfolio categories selection doesn&#8217;t work as expected in some cases</li>
  <li>Fixed &#8211; Shufflehound Information widget PHP notice issue</li>
  <li>Fixed &#8211; WooCommerce outdated files issue</li>
  <li>Fixed &#8211; Wrong page title for blog page</li>
  <li>Fixed &#8211; Table element content/column issue</li>
  <li>Fixed &#8211; Some typos</li>

<p><strong>Version 4.0.0</strong>
<li>Added &#8211; Header builder for more simple header building experience</li>
  <li>Added &#8211; Footer building options for more simple, but advanced building experience</li>
  <li>Added &#8211; Unyson single image element for WPbakery page builder</li>
  <li>Added &#8211; Option to choose header and footer templates in theme settings (built-in or WPbakery created)</li>
  <li>Added &#8211; Option to choose header and footer templates in page settings (built-in or WPbakery created)</li>
  <li>Added &#8211; Option to set mobile max width alignment for column elements</li>
  <li>Added &#8211; Option to set custom mobile element alignment for basic elements</li>
  <li>Improved &#8211; Contact form 7 element options for WPbakery page builder</li>
  <li>Updated &#8211; WPbakery Page builder to 5.6 version</li>
  <li>Updated &#8211; Yellow Pencil plugin to 7.1.3 version</li>
  <li>Fixed &#8211; Accordion style 5 element icon issue in WPbakery page builder</li>

<p><strong>Version 3.3.0</strong>
<li>Added &#8211; Lazy loading options for multiple elements</li>
  <li>Customizer &#8211; Added all theme setting options, which wasn&#8217;t available before</li>
  <li>Fixed &#8211; Customizer options and theme options going out of sync</li>
  <li>Fixed &#8211; Internet Explorer image point element position issue</li>
  <li>Fixed &#8211; Internet Explorer won&#8217;t vertically center columns content</li>
  <li>Fixed &#8211; Single image element hover link not showing in some cases</li>

<p><strong>Version 3.2.5</strong>
<li>Added &#8211; &#8220;Max Width Alignment&#8221; option for WPbakery page builder rows and columns</li>
  <li>Updated &#8211; Links to HTTPS everywhere where it is possible</li>
  <li>Fixed &#8211; Theme settings reverts to default in SSL mode (in some cases)</li>

<p><strong>Version 3.2.4</strong>
<li>Added &#8211; Option to change heading to span</li>
  <li>Added &#8211; New Image Gallery element for grid image layout</li>
  <li>Added &#8211; Photography (WPbakery page builder) demo</li>
  <li>Updated &#8211; WPbakery Page builder to 5.5.4 version</li>
  <li>Renamed &#8211; Old Image Gallery to Image Gallery (slider)</li>
  <li>Fixed &#8211; Google maps element showing debugging information in page builder</li>
  <li>Fixed &#8211; Jevelin element order in WPbakery page builder</li>

<p><strong>Version 3.2.3</strong>
<li>Added &#8211; Creative Home (WPbakery page builder) demo</li>
  <li>Added &#8211; New design for OCDI demo installer</li>
  <li>Fixed &#8211; Demo installer installing issue</li>

<p><strong>Version 3.2.2</strong>
<li>Added &#8211; One page navigation active link color on scroll and clik actions</li>
  <li>Imporoved &#8211; OCDI demo installing process</li>
  <li>Fixed &#8211; Lightbox duplicating images</li>

<p><strong>Version 3.2.1</strong>
<li>Added &#8211; Shadow option for WPbakery page builder rows</li>
  <li>Added &#8211; Option to disable border in smartphone and table for WPbakery columns</li>
  <li>Added &#8211; Hover element option for heading element</li>
  <li>Added &#8211; Options to Button element Mobile Alignment option</li>
  <li>Added &#8211; Option to keep both logo image and logo text visible</li>
  <li>Improved &#8211; WPbakery page builder responsiveness</li>
  <li>Fixed &#8211; Titlebar portfilio link issue in multisites</li>
  <li>Fixed &#8211; Event element issue with html tags in WPbakery page builder</li>
  <li>Fixed &#8211; WPbakery page builder frontend editor button issue in some cases</li>
  <li>Fixed &#8211; WooCommerce categories element categories output issue</li>
  <li>Fixed &#8211; Header dropdown style 2 cart styling issue</li>
  <li>Fixed &#8211; Gravity forms design issue</li>

<p><strong>Version 3.2.0</strong>
<li>Added &#8211; Icon Box Slider element to WPbakery page builder</li>
  <li>Added &#8211; 4 columns option for blog posts element</li>
  <li>Added &#8211; Extra options for WPbakery page builder inner row element</li>
  <li>Added &#8211; Background hover option for WPbakery page builder columns</li>
  <li>Improved &#8211; WPbakery page builder Contact Form 7 element options</li>
  <li>Improved &#8211; Header logo text option</li>
  <li>Updated &#8211; Envato Market Plugin to latest version</li>
  <li>Updated &#8211; POT Translation file</li>
  <li>Fixed &#8211; WPbakery page builder tabs, event and heading

elements styling options isn’t working correctly

  • Fixed – Pricing table popover issue in some specific cases
  • Fixed – Icon box element left side icon blank space when no icon is set
  • Fixed – WooCommerce Categories order issue
  • Fixed – Translation issue in a few places
  • Fixed – Accordions item icon not working for style 5
  • Fixed – Tabs and Accordions doesn’t work in some cases
  • Fixed – Counter up doesn’t count till the end in some cases
  • Fixed – Parallax video doesn’t work in some cases
  • Fixed – Unyson contact form JS issue
  • Fixed – Shop secondary product image won’t streach correctly
  • Other – Small changes and improvements
  • <p><strong>Version 3.1.1</strong>
    <li>Added &#8211; Heading (pro) element to WPBakery page builder</li>
      <li>Added &#8211; List element to WPBakery page builder</li>
      <li>Added &#8211; Icon element to WPBakery page builder</li>
      <li>Added &#8211; Tabs element to WPBakery page builder</li>
      <li>Added &#8211; Timeline element to WPBakery page builder</li>
      <li>Added &#8211; varios options to Inner Column in WPBakery page builder</li>
      <li>Fixed &#8211; WPBakery page builder google maps element styling issue</li>
      <li>Updated &#8211; Screenshot for both parent and child temes</li>
    <p><strong>Version 3.1.0</strong>
    <li><strong>Added &#8211; Visual Composer support</strong></li>
      <li><strong>Added &#8211; Visual Composer plugin installer</strong></li>
      <li><strong>Added &#8211; Basic Home (WPbakery page builder) demo</strong></li>
      <li><strong>Added &#8211; 30 elements to Visual Composer</strong></li>
      <li>Added &#8211; More image comparison element image sizes</li>
      <li>Improved &#8211; Unyson demo installer demo order</li>
      <li>Fixed &#8211; Image points bottom empty space issue</li>
      <li>Fixed &#8211; Portfolio widget issue with loop</li>
      <li>Fixed &#8211; Heading animated is working fine only for second and above text fiekds</li>
      <li>Fixed &#8211; Demo installation issue when theme settings needs to be resaved</li>
    <p><strong>Version 3.0.5</strong>
    <li>Added &#8211; Education demo</li>
      <li>Added &#8211; Option to load blog posts with load more button</li>
      <li>Added &#8211; Option to load blog posts with infinite scroll option</li>
      <li>Added &#8211; Option to change blog posts per page for specific blog pages</li>
      <li>Added &#8211; New WooCoomerce recent posts AJAX element</li>
      <li>Added &#8211; New style in contact form and contact form 7 elements</li>
      <li>Added &#8211; New style for video player icon</li>
      <li>Added &#8211; Option to choose 2 columns for blog posts element</li>
      <li>Added &#8211; Option to change title font size for counter element</li>
      <li>Added &#8211; Option to set section element max width</li>
      <li>Added &#8211; Option to disable quote icon for testimonials element</li>
      <li>Added &#8211; Option to change titlebar color</li>
      <li>Improved &#8211; OCDI demo list order from newest to older</li>
      <li>Fixed &#8211; Recent posts widget issue with loop</li>
      <li>Fixed &#8211; Some PHP 7.2 related notices</li>
      <li>Fixed &#8211; Theme setting CSS won&#8217;t load in some specific cases</li>
      <li>Fixed &#8211; Issue with icon box content links</li>
    <p><strong>Version 3.0.4</strong>
    <li>Added &#8211; Layout option for portfolio element (choose grid to get correct item order)</li>
      <li>Added &#8211; Option to turn on autoplay for portfolio galleries</li>
      <li>Improved &#8211; Theme front-end loading performance by optimising CSS/JS files</li>
      <li>Improved &#8211; Theme front-end loading performance by optimising PHP side</li>
      <li>Imporved &#8211; Contact widget and contact information in header accepts links and shortcodes</li>
      <li>Improved &#8211; Portfolio gallery lightbox now can be navigated with arrows and buttons</li>
      <li>Updated &#8211; POT translation file</li>
      <li>Reduced &#8211; Standard page size to improve loadng performance</li>
      <li>Fixed &#8211; Pricing table element currency symbol styling issues</li>
      <li>Fixed &#8211; Icon box slider tab issue on mobile devices</li>
      <li>Fixed &#8211; Shop tabs bottom line wrong not displaying correctly</li>
      <li>Fixed &#8211; Notice feature not working correctly on mobile devices</li>
      <li>Fixed &#8211; Pages with link &#8220;blog&#8221; sometimes have redering issues</li>
      <li>Fixed &#8211; Sticky light mobile header styling issues</li>
      <li>Fixed &#8211; Pie chart animation sometimes doesn&#8217;t work</li>
      <li>Fixed &#8211; Some PHP notice issues</li>
      <li>Fixed &#8211; Related posts option doesn&#8217;t work</li>
      <li>Fixed &#8211; WooCommerce outdated files issue</li>
    <p><strong>Version 3.0.3</strong>
    <li>Improved &#8211; Loading performance in frontend</li>
      <li>Fixed &#8211; Media library not working in some cases</li>
      <li>Fixed &#8211; Jevelin dashboard child theme issue</li>
      <li>Fixed &#8211; Woocommerce deprecated notices</li>
      <li>Removed &#8211; Some development environment related code</li>
    <p><strong>Version 3.0.2</strong>
    <li>Added &#8211; Crypto demo</li>
      <li>Added &#8211; Option to change global content borders</li>
      <li>Added &#8211; Option to change global buttons buttons background color</li>
      <li>Added &#8211; Option to change global content buttons background hover color</li>
      <li>Added &#8211; Option to change global content buttons text color</li>
      <li>Added &#8211; Option to change global content input, textarea background color</li>
      <li>Added &#8211; Option to change global content input, textarea border color</li>
      <li>Added &#8211; Option to change global content input, textarea text color</li>
      <li>Added &#8211; Option to change search widget icon background color</li>
      <li>Added &#8211; Option to change search Widget icon text color</li>
      <li>Added &#8211; Option to add padding between columns when background image image is used</li>
      <li>Added &#8211; Option to change text group element layout, font and font weight</li>
      <li>Added &#8211; Option to add animations for icon element</li>
      <li>Added &#8211; Option to create background gradient for progress bar element</li>
      <li>Added &#8211; Option to disable play icon for video player</li>
      <li>Added &#8211; New style for contact form element</li>
      <li>Updated &#8211; Translation file</li>
      <li>Fixed &#8211; Recent portfolio items showing image icons, when image is not available</li>
      <li>Fixed &#8211; Issue when changing background color changes menu item color</li>
      <li>Fixed &#8211; Issue when changing background color 404 page have a white background</li>
      <li>Fixed &#8211; IE issues with parallax scrolling by disabling it as it is not fully supported</li>
    <p><strong>Version 3.0.1</strong>
    <li>Fixed &#8211; Theme setting loading issue for some WP installations</li>
    <p><strong>Version 3.0.0</strong>
    <li>Added &#8211; Jevelin dashboard</li>
      <li>Added &#8211; Beauty demo to OCDI demo installer</li>
      <li>Added &#8211; Basic, Creative, Event to OCDI demo installer</li>
      <li>Added &#8211; Fitness, Nature, Photography to OCDI demo installer</li>
      <li>Updated &#8211; Revolution Slider to the latest version</li>
      <li>Deprecased &#8211; Unyson demo content installer is now fallback method</li>
      <li>Removed &#8211; Unyson demo content installer links</li>
      <li>Removed &#8211; SEO Unyson Extension to improve performance</li>

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