Jack Ma: Life Is NEVER Fair

Jack Ma, “How Can Life Be Fair? You are born in the village, Bill Gates’ Children are born in the Gates’ family.
How can you ever compete?
But one aspect is fair in Life. The Gates’ have 24 hours in a day. YOU have 24 hours in a day as well.”
How we all spend our 24 hours varies, but what we do with our individual 24 hours will determines the outcome of our tomorrow. We all know someone that is currently living a life that seems far more desirable than our current situation. They often take exotic holidays, frequent branded boutiques, eat out at the best places in town and never seems to run out of money.
Don’t blame others for being Rich, Don’t be jealous of others being Wealthy. Instead, focus on how can We Constantly improve and change ourselves, enriching ourselves by providing immense value to the society. Every time, we convince ourselves that this will be the time we eat healthier, work out more, and read more books but unfortunately, many of us fail to prepare adequately for these lifestyle changes, and wind up losing momentum in less than a month. Back to envying others.
Our attitude determines our behavioural outlook in turns, determines the present state of our life. Let’s face everything in Life with a strong positive attitude, and you might just start to find yourself prospering.
Here’s a few steps that I have learnt from my mentors that I applied and changed my life around and everyone can do it too.
Step 1: Be Uncomfortable. Step out of your Comfort zone. We stretch our own limits and unleash a little of our true potential every time we step out of our comfort zone and do things that we do not feel comfortable doing. How about starting from today, try to meet and know 2 more people every single day? You would have expand your circle of network by 60 people at the end of the month.
Step 2: Don’t go back into your Comfort Zone. It just warm and fuzzy to get back into bed. But remember, as you snooze in your comfort zone, there are friends, family members and strangers that are breaking their limits and using the same hours that you have, improving themselves, meeting new clients, coming up with new strategies. And when the New Year comes, will you be the one that is excited to meet everyone and share your new found lifestyle or the one that is silently thinking that another year have gone by and life still sucks?
Step 3: Be a little more Hardworking, a little more Objective Driven. That is your ONLY responsibility, do a little more than the person sitting next to you, and aim to hit more objectives than what your company sets for you. Your colleagues and peers will start to wonder why they can never seems to catch up to you.
Step 4: If you are unhappy with your job, you can always change your job. Stop working there. The more you work, the more you hate your work. Isn’t it pointless? Look for alternatives, what resonates with your core being? Creating Events? Having a cafe that serves quality health food? Educating? I personally enjoy helping businesses to improve their sales, helping individuals to succeed in life, showing them businesses that can improve their lifestyle. It provides me a sense of satisfaction when the people around succeed.

At this very minute, Think what you are going to do differently and Start doing it from today. I will be looking forward to hearing your results after 1 month.

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