Is Clutter Creating Obstacle Courses in Your Life?

There’s no doubt about it. Clutter can create obstacle courses in your life. Some of those hurdles are physical, like having to remove items from a chair so you can sit, or the need to climb over boxes. Other hurdles are emotional. These can cause a feeling of ‘overwhelm’ in your life, resulting in frustration, embarrassment, stress, and unrest.

Applying good daily habits and routines can fight clutter, and, hopefully, slow down the gathering of too much stuff. Here are 5 ways to tame the clutter.

1. No clothes on the floor or tossed over furniture. After dressing for the day, always make it a habit to pick up all clothes and either hang or fold (in a drawer or closet if they’re clean) or in the laundry sorter (if they need to be washed).

2. Nothing left on the bathroom counter. Bathrooms become cluttered quickly because of all the products we use every day… from makeup to shampoos. Make sure every product has a home, and be sure to put each item back in its home when you’re done using it. In addition, keep products to a minimum. An overload of toiletries and such actually invites clutter.

3. Don’t allow mail to sit for more than a day. Go through your mail daily, sorting it out and getting each piece to wherever it needs to be. Recycle junk immediately. Then get bills in your bill paying system, greeting cards displayed on your fireplace mantel, invitations on your fridge (respond to them as soon as you open them), and papers needed for a) action: in your action file system or b) for reference: filed in your filing cabinet.

4. Don’t let them leave empty handed. When finishing a meal, make each family member responsible for carrying something, i.e. plate, utensils, glass, etc. to the dishwasher or sink. Better yet, if everyone empties food scraps, rinses, and places the item(s) in the dishwasher or sink, even better!

5. Every time you enter a room, say good-bye to something. If you have a lot of clutter, when you enter a room, don’t allow yourself to leave before you pick up ONE item and put it in the charity box, or trash.

Your goal, with clutter, is to eliminate the obstacle courses it is causing in your life… so your path is clutter-free, both physically and emotionally. Good daily habits help you do just that. Why not start today?

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