Investing $100 For a 300% Return – The Perfect Example

What would happen if you could triple your money starting with just $100? This article explores the prefect investment and how to turn $100 into two million dollars in a very short time.

High returns equals high risk…is this true? Maybe, maybe not but the point is that there is a risk. If there were no risk, then a high return investment is completely and utterly desirable. Many investors seem happy with a 30% yearly return only because they justify this poultry compounding rate by telling themselves that the risk was low and therefore they are prudent and wise investors.

However, 30% a year, starting with $100 it would take 30 years to see your first million. So what is the ideal answer? The ideal answer is a return of 300% return that is scalable as your seed capital grows and is risk-free. That is the best investment of all.

$100 turns into $2 million dollars in just 9, 300% transactions. In other words if you could find 9 simple transactions where you invest X and get 3 times more each time, you would be left with $2 million dollars at the end of your investment work.

The ideal risk neutralization strategy is getting in exchange for your money, equal or of course better tangible value for your money. If you hand over your money to a mutual fund, there is no exchange of value. The receipt you got for your investment has no worth to anybody but yourself. If you spent that money on an investment object with intrinsic and tangible value that can be resold to a waiting market, then all you have done is exchanged your currency for a different type of currency and made a profit on the difference.

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