Introduction to Commodity Pyramid Trading

This article discusses the how to to revenue from commodity pyramid buying and selling.

These key factors will assist you be taught this method:

  1. What is Commodity Pyramid Trading?
  2. Commodity Pillar Trading Comparison
  3. Commodity Pyramid Trading Comparison
  4. Commodity Pyramid Trading Useful Tips

1. What is Commodity Pyramid Trading?

This is a technique of buying and selling commodity futures contracts in such a manner that when the revenue from a single commerce equals the present margin for the commodity, the revenue is used to self-finance a further futures contract. This self-financing course of can take both of two strategies: Pillar buying and selling or Pyramid buying and selling.

The Pillar buying and selling methodology includes including one futures contract to your place throughout every self-finance spherical, whereas Pyramid buying and selling provides one futures contract – however from every lively futures contract with every self-financing step. This ends in a doubling of your place throughout every self-financing step.

Both pyramid trades and pillar trades (hereinafter referred to as pyramid trades) ought to exhibit a number of traits which make them excessive revenue potential candidates. These traits embrace:

  • The market is quiet and has exhibited low volatility for a number of months.
  • The margin for the commodity is comparatively low.
  • The market is ready up for a significant transfer. This is evidenced by excessive business/public sign, in addition to a 12-month excessive or 12-month low on the each day value chart with a possible 1-2-3 Top or Bottom value chart sample within the technique of unfolding.

A VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: The largest hazard in any futures commerce is a restrict transfer which fits in opposition to your place. With a single futures contract, that is dangerous sufficient. With a number of futures contracts, this danger is severely compounded. However, for those who monitor the market situations (each technical and basic market situations) and the monetary information every day, you’ll usually obtain a well timed warning of an impending restrict transfer which can go in opposition to your place – supplying you with time to shut out your place earlier than that happens.

The Pyramid Trading Form

The Pyramid Trading Form is on the coronary heart of serving to you to efficiently implement and handle these buying and selling methods. It incorporates areas that can allow you to monitor and observe up to three commodities utilizing this buying and selling technique. Each space permits for up to 7 futures contracts to be held within the pillar commerce place, and up to 64 futures contracts within the pyramid commerce place.

How To Identify A Good Pyramid Trade Candidate

At any cut-off date, there will probably be a number of commodities with differing levels of revenue potential. However, it is crucial that you simply establish the commodity which has the most effective likelihood of being a worthwhile pyramid commerce. This signifies that you could carry out a present evaluation of all commodities to establish the commodity that meets the next necessities.

a. You should first use the Commercial/Public choice instruments to establish the commodities that seem to be prepared to make a significant transfer.

b. Of these commodities, establish those who seem to be making both a 1-2-3 Top or 1-2-3 Bottom within the each day value chart. Calculate the each day 50% retracement goal for each. Also calculate the greenback quantity the transfer represents.

c. Where relevant, use the weekly chart to calculate the weekly 50% retracement goal for every commodity. Again, calculate the greenback quantity the transfer represents if the weekly goal is attained.

d. Identify the margin requirement for every commodity. The supreme pyramid commerce will probably be one with a comparatively small margin requirement and with a greenback quantity revenue potential that’s a minimum of 3 times the margin requirement for the commodity.

e. The commodity that you choose should be a quiet commodity – that’s, one which doesn’t have wild value swings.

f. The commodity you in the end choose as the most effective pyramid commerce candidate should even have sufficient time to permit the transfer to unfold. This means you want to get right into a extra distant month to decrease loss from fee swap necessities (which might be costly with 16 or extra contracts in your place). Select the extra distant commodity contract month that has 120-180 days accessible till the Last Trading Day (LTD).

g. The commodity which you may have chosen should have a each day quantity of a minimum of 10,000 contracts for satisfactory liquidity. Open curiosity also needs to be 10,000 or extra.

It’s vital to keep in mind that as soon as you’re in a commerce, you could religiously carry out an evaluation every day in order to establish any adjustments within the unique evaluation which will adversely affect your commerce. In addition, you must at all times monitor basic “news” which can have an effect on the value of the commodity. For instance, for those who’re quick Orange Juice – and Florida has a freeze warning – shut your place quick!

2. Commodity Pillar Trading Comparison

The commodity pillar buying and selling technique is the least dangerous of the 2 methods since you solely acquire one contract with every relevant value (revenue) improve.

An instance pillar commerce resulted in $12,650 revenue (earlier than commissions). During the commerce, your complete danger was confined to $400 or much less. If you had traded just one futures contract (with a 93.79 entry value, and a 94.92 exit value), your gross revenue would have been $2,825. The pillar buying and selling technique produced the extra revenue.

3. Commodity Pyramid Trading Comparison

The commodity pyramid buying and selling technique is probably the most dangerous of the 2 methods since you acquire two contracts with every relevant value (revenue) improve. This ends in a dangerous “inverted pyramid” place which, if not intelligently managed can produce important losses.

An instance Pyramid Trade resulted in $72,200 revenue (earlier than commissions). During the commerce your complete danger was confined to $4,600 or much less. Again, for those who had traded just one futures contract, your gross revenue would have been $2,825. The pyramid buying and selling technique produced the extra revenue.

4. Commodity Pyramid Trading Useful Tips

There are a number of issues which you could do when utilizing the commodity pyramid buying and selling approach described on this course. Failure to achieve this will doubtless invite grief into your life.

* You should carry out an evaluation of the markets to establish a super pyramid buying and selling alternative. Having achieved that, you want persistence and dedication to look forward to the inevitable transfer in value. Your earlier efforts at paper buying and selling have given you the arrogance and abilities to establish main strikes. Trust your abilities.

* Get into the extra distant futures contract to keep away from the necessity to “switch” contracts. The fee on 64 contracts at $40 per contract will value you an additional $2,560 in commissions every time you turn.

* You should monitor your place each day. This includes being conscious of what the evaluation “tools” (described in my full Commodity FUTURES Trading Course) are telling you in regards to the present state of the market.

* Be conscious of any “news” objects which might have an effect (optimistic or unfavorable) on the commodity you’re buying and selling. For instance, if you’re quick in Orange Juice, a “freeze” warning in Florida will trigger value to transfer in opposition to you, and may doubtless lead to a restrict transfer – a disaster you must instantly take steps to keep away from!

* A value transfer usually ends in a sequence of minor retracements; leaving a help level throughout a rise in value, and a resistance level throughout a lower in value. It is a smart technique to place the stop-loss just a little under the help level for the uptrend and above the resistance level for the downtrend.

* Timing of the order entry is vital. You want to predefine what your entry technique will probably be throughout every section of pyramid buying and selling.

Closing Advice

You should do your homework and check out completely different methods utilizing varied value charts. By masking the value chart with a sheet of paper so you’ll be able to’t see value motion past the entry level, you’ll be able to slowly transfer the sheet of paper rightward exposing subsequent value motion. This approach allows you to retroactively “simulate” varied methods and react to market adjustments. Of course, you also needs to be coming into the relevant knowledge into your Pyramid Trading Form to observe your “simulated” commerce. This gives you abilities and confidence to use this pyramid buying and selling approach.

Special Note: There is substantial danger in buying and selling commodity futures and choices.

(C) 2008 Thomas Wnorowski

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