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Adobe Photoshop
Version 3.4, Aug 2nd 2015

- Added a new function called foo.original(). This will return an object containing the original images height, width, and data uri.
- Cleaned up the function and renamed it foo.crop().

Version 3.3, Jun 20th 2015

- Fixed a bug that prevented laptops with touch screen capabilities using touch.

Version 3.2, Mar 4th 2015

- Dramatically improved performance by rewriting the preview functionality through CSS.
- Preview function now accepts an aspect ratio.

Version 3.1, Mar 2nd 2015

- Fixed slider bug
- Fixed initiating bug

Version 3, Jan 23rd 2015

- Added functionality to zoom, rotate, flip, mask, download, and import
- Added initiation settings
- Added an optional live preview
- New and improved slider UI. Now using input type range, instead of hundreds of lines of messy JS
- Fixed buggy mobile dragging
- Ability to convert images to PNG and JPEG from client-side
- Re-factored code. It’s now even smaller in size!
- Re-wrote documentation

A touchscreen compatible image cropper!

      <li>Works in all the major browsers, including mobile.</li>
      <li>Cropping and resizing is done through Canvas. No backend scripting required.</li>
      <li>Minimal code. Doesn&#8217;t require jQuery UI.</li>
      <li>The UI differs drastically from traditional image croppers.</li>
      <li>Idiot-proof. I&#8217;ve added precautions to insure the computer illiterate don&#8217;t break it. For example, if the image proportions do not scale to the predetermined aspect ratio, then the image will automatically zoom in until it does scale.</li>
  • Will plug straight into Bootstrap and any other framework.
  • You may run multiple instances on the same page.
  • Prior versions are included!
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