How You Can Be As Mentally Tough As A Samurai

I once heard a story about a Japanese Samurai in war torn Japan.

The samurai I am speaking of was a pupil to a highly regarded Samurai who won countless battles.

One day, the pupil went to his master and asked him for guidance.

The war torn Samurai looked at his pupil calmly and nodded for him to proceed.

The pupil anxiously asked, “How do I train my mind to be as tough as yours?”

The Samurai paused for just a moment and slowly pointed outside.

it was the middle of winter and just the night before a fresh coat of snow piled upon the ground.

The pupil was confused…

The Samurai said, “If you wish to have an unshakable mind, take off your clothes and stand in the snow.”

This story just gives you a glimpse on how tough the Samurai were.

Standing butt naked in the dead of winter in a pile of snow… we can barely survive our morning drives without our heat blasting!

Now before you go running off naked into the snow I’m going to ask you to pump the breaks.

Cops will be called in no time and you will have one awkward story to tell.

But there is something we can take away from the Samurai on how to build our mental toughness.

Something we can do today to start our journey to mental fortitude.

This “something” is a ritual we all do every day (hopefully).

Drum roll please!

Take cold showers.

I can hear you gasp now.

But yes, as warriors ourselves, mental toughness is necessary to build and create the lives we desire.

The lives that we deserve.

So lets take a lesson form these elite warriors.

Cold showers are a great, effective way to build our mental toughness. You will be amazed on how this can change your life for the better.

Some aspects that I noticed ever since I started taking cold showers were:

  1. Increased confidence

    2. Procrastination vanished

    3. Increased energy

    4. Anxiety diminished

    5. Skin cleared up

These were just some of the benefits I experienced in the first 2 weeks of doing cold showers.

So what are you waiting for?

One thing every elite warrior does is take action.

Lets take a page out of the Samurai playbook and work on strengthening our minds for anything life may throw!

Keep growing warrior!

-Paul “shivering before 6 am” Lawrin

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