How to Prepare For Astral Projection – 4 Things (*4*) Must Do

You might be interested in astral projection, but you cannot just astral project without making the required preparations. You need to prepare yourself for the experience. After preparing yourself, you must practice hard till you are blessed with the experience you crave. This article is written with the purpose of helping you prepare for an astral projection.

Here are 4 things you must do to prepare yourself for an astral projection.

  1. Overcome Fear

Are you afraid that something bad will happen to you if you try to astral project? Well, you might be interested in astral projection. You might even say that you would like to experience it. But as long as you are afraid, you will not be able to astral project. So, you have to overcome fear.

Fear can be easily overcome by enhancing one’s knowledge of the subject or thing feared. Continue studying astral projection. Set aside a few minutes daily for positive affirmations, visualization, and meditation. This will help you overcome fear.

  1. Clarify Your Intentions

Have you ever wondered why you want to astral project? Are you just curious? Or do you have any purpose? You might want to meet a deceased loved one or you might be hankering for some information. Mull over it for sometime and write it down on a piece of paper. This will give you the required motivation to learn astral projection.

  1. Learn Astral Protection

When you astral project, you will be entering unknown dimensions. The astral plane is not at all like the physical plane. You will find many strange things there. You might even meet some negative entities. So you need to know exactly how to protect yourself from unfriendly entities.

You had better not project if you haven’t learned methods of astral protection. Some great ways to protect yourself in the astral realm are wearing a protective amulet or requesting your spiritual guides to protect you.

  1. Suitable Place For Practice

You must select a suitable place for practice. Set aside a room in your house for the purpose. The room should be comfortable, semi-dark, and quiet. Request your friends and family members to leave you alone for some time. Get pets, kids, and spouses out of the way.

These are the basic preparations you need to make before attempting to astral travel. After clarifying intentions, getting rid of doubts and fears, ensuring your protection, and finding a quiet undisturbed place for practice, you are well on the way to success.

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