How to Play Mind Games With a Guy Who Broke Your Heart? Great Tips to Get Even With Your Ex

If your have been thinking about getting even with this guy who broke your heart it is a natural feeling and you can take your sweet revenge by playing these mind games to make him feel terrible that he gave you up.

You are single and you are happy

Deal with your pain on being dumped or the anger you may feel for your ex in private and try to get on with your life. Go out and have fun and let the guy who broke your heart see that you are happy and leading a great life and that you don’t need anyone, least of all him, to make you happy.

Give him the shock therapy

Just channel all your anger and frustrations in a positive way and join a gym or get into exercising, you will not only feel good but end up looking great too. Your improved physical appearance will make him wonder about what is happening in your life; it will be a shock for him and he will be forced to think that you have moved on.

Let him see you enjoying with your friends

Go out with your friends and be seen in the places where you know he will be present and let him see you having a time of your life, if you have to pretend a little – do it. Keep your weekends busy socializing and let him be curious about this change in you.

Get along with his friends

You must have mutual friends when you were together, hang out and enjoy being with them. They will surely talk about you in his presence and when he hears positive things about you he may regret his decision to leave you. What’s more, he may get the impression that you are doing well and not getting depressed thinking about him.

Make him jealous

Hang out with one of your close male friends and flirt with him to make your ex jealous. Even if he is dating someone, he will not like to know that you are seeing someone; as that’s the way most men think.

Ignore him

If your ex tries to make contact with you just ignore him. If he calls you, don’t answer his phone and keep your distance if he wants to meet you. Let him realize that he is getting what he deserves and that you have no interest to renew the friendship with him.

Be genuinely happy

Get friendly with members of opposite sex and go out with someone who is much better than your ex. Let him see you enjoying yourself with your new friend, this is definitely going to make him feel worse that he left you.

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