How to Make Your Ex Girlfriend Jealous – Secret Tips and Tricks

Women are attracted to lots of male behaviors and personality traits, and you probably know more than a few of them. Strength, confidence, humor, fun – these things are all great motivators when it comes to getting a girl to fall for you. Still, nothing brings attraction back faster than the king of all sticky emotions: jealousy. Making your ex girlfriend jealous is always the fastest way to get her running back to you.

Well talking about it’s one thing, but how do you accomplish it? And more particularly, how do you make her jealous if she’s the one who broke up with you?

Actually there are many methods for renewing your ex’s interest in you, and jealousy is only one of them. We’ll concentrate on that one for now, because it works whether she broke up with you for lack of interest, excessive fighting, to date someone else, or for any other reason you could think of. Creating the green monster of jealousy in her heart is the fastest way to a quick reconciliation.

Get Over It… Yesterday

Perhaps the biggest piece of advice you can take away after a break up is to not fall into a downward spiral of depression over what happened. Hopelessness and despair are two of the most unattractive traits when it comes to your girlfriend taking you back, so throw them off as quickly as possible. No one’s coming to any pity party you plan to throw yourself, especially your ex. Suck it up, clear your head, and concentrate on moving forward. Your future contains a long-term relationship with your ex girlfriend. Your past does not.

Look Good – Feel Good

Think your girlfriend found you attractive before? Wait until the next time she sees you. Get out to the gym and work your ass off – lift weights, do cardio, get toned and fit. Take up running, so you can work on your tan at the same time. And when you drop a few pounds? Head over to buy yourself some sharp new clothes. Not only will all these things help you feel better emotionally (exercise is a great stress-reliever) but they’ll help you look better too. When you look and feel better you will inevitably act better, becoming more outgoing, confident, and sure of yourself. All of these traits will make you infinitely more attractive than if you’re sitting at home alone, waiting for the phone to ring. Get yourself in shape, so when you do reconnect with your ex girlfriend her jaw hits the floor.

Think Positive – Stay Driven and Active

The golden rule after a break up: let optimism be your very best friend. By surrounding yourself with all good things, the flow of positive energy will spread like wildfire to everyone around you. The people you see, talk to, and hang out with will enjoy your company, and say nothing but great things about you. Your ex girlfriend will get wind of the person you’ve become, and be completely baffled by how quickly you got over the break up. When she starts looking around she’ll see a guy who’s never negative and always doing something. This is exactly the kind of guy she’s attracted to, which will cause her to ask herself why she even ended things in the first place.

Start Seeing Other People

One of the biggest ways to make your ex girlfriend jealous? Let her see that you’ve moved on. Yes you want her back, and no you’re not looking for a serious relationship right now… but going out with girls is one of the best ways to let your ex know you’re having a blast without her. No girl wants to see her ex boyfriend dating someone else – not so soon after the break up, anyway. It’s especially bad for your ex if she hasn’t moved on yet – it’ll make her feel a little bit like a failure, causing her again to wonder if she made the right decision by breaking up with you. You get to have fun and she gets to worry about losing you for good. And if you happen to meet someone else you really like? Even better.

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