How to Make Gold Fast in WotLK

With over 10 million players worldwide, World of Warcraft is the greatest MMORPG that we can play.With the latest version, WoW WotLK the demand for gold is higher than ever before, making the gold a very important commodity in Wow Wrath of the Lich King. Keep reading this article if you are interested in finding a solution on how to make gold fast in WotLK.

But why is so important to know how to make gold fast in WotLK?

As in every World of Warcraft version, every player must have gold if he wants to buy equipment, upgrade skills or have some great mounts.One of the best methods on how to make gold fast in Wotlk is called the auctioneer technique. It’s called that way because you use the Auction House to make gold. The strategy is based on the variations and importance of diverse items.

There are 3 steps that you need to follow if you want to succeed with this technique:

First step is to research the Auction House and see what the players are buying. You need to look after items that the players are desperate to buy because if they are desperate then they will pay anything to have that item.

The second step is to observe the price for the item and buy it at the lowest price. After you have the item you then resell it for a profit. You can use this strategy and make 50-100 gold per hour, depending how well you research the auction house.

But there are also other some secret methods, developed by top WOW players who play the game since it the first version was released. Some of these players have written guides that describe how they are able to generate up to 500 gold per hour and how you can do it too, no matter your level, or your experience in the game.

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