How to Loose Weight Quickly – Don’t Lie to Women

Here’s how to loose weight quickly and safely without having to go on an EXTREME diet or take BOGUS weight loss pills. This requires some effort from you, but it’s really easy and flexible. It’s perfectly simple… you do it, then you lose weight.
How to Loose Weight Quickly
Use tv commercial time to exercise…
This is HUGE for me. This is what I do personally. During commercials (which are about 20 minutes out of every 1 hour of tv programming), I jump on a mini-trampoline, do the vacuum pose, hula hoop, spin around in a circle, and do hindu squats.
I’ll touch on a few of these in this article.
Jump on a mini-trampoline… really there isn’t much to describe here. Just jump on it. 2 minutes during every commercial adds up to 20 minutes in an hour. So either do this exclusively or mix in this with the other exercises listed. This is an excellent TOTAL BODY exercise.
Hula Hoop… just twirl it around your waist for a total of 5 minutes each day. So 3 commercials will take care of this for you. This is great for toning your abs and hips!
Vacuum Pose… the BEST ab reducing exercise EVER. Suck in the belly button (lower area of abs) and hold for 20 or 30 seconds. Rest, repeat. Do this for a total of 5 minutes a day for 30 days and you’ll have nearly 2 inches less fat around your belly. So this can get done in 3 commercials as well.
So if you’re like me and you want to know how to loose weight quickly without having to go on extremely hard diets or take expensive and useless pills, then I strongly urge you to try this method for fast weight loss.

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