How to Improve Self Esteem – 5 Tips to Build Your Confidence

Are you in need of improving your self esteem and feeling good about yourself once more? Have you ever felt good about yourself or do you feel there is nothing to improve? I do not think so! We are all in need of a pick me up, a boost in confidence or to feel a self worth about ourselves. The events and situations in life will at some stage present itself in the form of a lack of confidence or a feeling of low self esteem.

It is how you deal with these situations in life that sets you apart from the rest. It is important to realise that none of us are infallible to lifes’ little tests and we all at some stage will succumb to them. We need to take a step back, have belief in ourselves and build our confidence back up again.

To help you improve self esteem, here are 5 tips to build your confidence.

1) Are you lacking self motivation and feel uninspired about your life. Whatever you feel you are lacking, go to your local library and search for books that will help in whatever you are lacking. There will be something. If you are not a good reader, go for the option of audio tapes or CD’s. You can also find these, although limited in your local library, but if not, do a search on the internet.

2) You may feel lethargic or even suffer from weight loss problems. Do not do diets, they do not work, period. Begin to take light exercise, a 20 minute brisk walk will do for a start and slowly build it up. Cut out the junk from your food and replace it with vegetables, fruit and plenty of water. In no time at all, your energy will be regained and you will start to feel great about yourself.

3) Spend more quality time with your family. Take walks in the countryside, by the beach or in beautiful surroundings. Start to appreciate all the beauty around you and what you have got.

4) Begin to spend more me time. Go to a favourite place, cut the outside world out, read a favourite book and sit in silence with only your own thoughts.

5) Lastly, what are the things that you want to achieve and what activities make you feel good by doing them. Begin to put away some time everyday and dedicate it into achieving and succeeding. It only needs to be an hour everyday and even take the weekends off to do the aforementioned activities that make you feel alive. You will be amazed at what can be accomplished in such a short space of time, not only will it improve self esteem, it will boost and build your confidence.

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