How To Choose Your True GOALS?

We often hear, individuals speak about, setting goals, and appropriately, using them, to become better, etc, but, too often, we fail to pay sufficient attention to how to decide, consider, evaluate, understand, and choose, our personal, true GOALS! After, over four decades, of involvement, in a variety of areas, related to personal development, and enhancement/ achievement, from advising, training, and consulting to thousands of actual, and/ or, potential leaders, to, conducting thousands of personal development seminars, I have come to the conclusion, not only, is this process, important and significant, but, often, makes the difference, between becoming our personal best, versus, settling for, far – less! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and why it matters.
1. Guidance; guide; greater; genuine; goal – setting: One of the key reasons, for quality, goal – setting, is, when done, thoroughly, it provides meaningful, personal guidance, which should guide us, towards, our best path, forward! If, we wish, to become, truly, greater, we will take this action, seriously, and proceed, wisely, etc, and proactively, forward!
2. Open – mind; options; opportunities; original; optimize: Our best performance comes form proceeding, with an open – mind, and considering viable options, and alternatives, towards a quest, to optimize our overall performance, happiness, etc! This process considers a variety of options and alternatives, seeks meaningful opportunities, and taking advantage of, and, instead of trying to be, just – like, everyone else, seeks to become, the best, original, person, we might possibly, be!
3. Attitude; aptitude; actions; attention: To become, the best, we can be, requires, proceeding, with a realistic, positive, can – do, attitude, combined with the discipline, and commitment, to learn, and discover, the skill – set, and quality, aptitude, which enhances, our possibilities! When we pay, keen attention, and focus, on self – improvements, and the possibilities, our chances, improve, dramatically!
4. Like/ love; listen; learn; lessons; level – headed: Level – headed, reasoning, needs to be based on effectively, listening, and, consistently, learning, from every conversation, and experience, in order to gain expertise, judgment, and, hopefully, true wisdom! When, we consider these, as life’s lessons, it assists us, with setting the most, personally – meaningful goals!
5. Strengthen; stronger; sustainable; solutions; services: Our experiences, when used, effectively, strengthen us, and make us, stronger. We must consider options, on, both, a relevant and sustainable manner, so we consider, and choose, those solutions, which best – service, our personal, best – interests!

Set you GOALS, use quality, goal – setting, and strive, to achieve your personal best! Only you can determine, by giving yourself a check – up, from the neck – up, and being, objectively – introspective, your best path, to follow!

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