How to Choose Your Luxury Luggage

You’re going on holiday and you really should begin the packing process, but you have a dilemma. What are you going to pack in? You pull out all of your suitcases and just none will do; you need new luggage. Too big, or too small, too heavy (even without the clothes), or just too bulky. So where do you start looking? And what are you looking for? Duffel luggage is always easier to travel with compared to one of those large rolling suitcases- which are already heavy before you start packing in your clothes, shoes, and holiday gear.

When looking for the perfect piece of luggage, you need something that will carry your worldly possessions to exotic destinations or just for a short weekend trip, or even to go to the gym. A spacious yet small enough luggage bag to be the perfect carry-on. Something that stands out from the crowd so there’s no risk of a mix-up when waiting for your bag at checked luggage. Instead of colourful luggage tags or that trusty piece of ribbon, try something a bit more sophisticated and pick up a stand out piece of luggage. Have you ever taken someone else’s luggage, thinking it was yours? A large black suitcase with loads of zippers? Very likely. But with a unique piece, this will never happen again!

Lots of compartments or organizing those essentials- barely there make-up, beautiful lingerie and even those wickedly high heels. Look for something that is practical with inner pockets to help you organize, yet chic and stylish. Detachable messenger straps make a travel bag even easier to carry, when its super heavy throw it over your shoulder. Or carry in the crook of your arm when heading for an overnighter with the girls. You want something that can be flexible to various scenarios and doesn’t feel like a hassle having to carry your own luggage. Especially if your significant other is already pushing and pulling 3 other suitcases- long holidays are always harder to pack for!

Choose thick, durable leathers so you won’t be concerned about damaging the bag in the travel process. Those airlines certainly don’t care about scratching your new luggage as they throw them into storage, so be sure to pick leather that you won’t be scared to travel with. Or you can always pick a small piece to use as your carry-on luggage, but as the airlines get more and more strict and charge extortionate prices for over-sized bags, don’t go too crazy!

Get organized and feel fabulous as you travel!

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