How To Be Determined and Accomplish Anything

Inspiring people is a great quality to possess that has made me want more out of life.
Along with inspiration came along competition and striving to be the best.
This has made me also adapt the “be hard and disciplined on yourself,” philosophy.
Being competitive and number one has it’s perks. So, I challenge you to be number one. And if you’re not competitive it’s okay. It’s about being better.
Could you do this for yourself?
To succeed I learned to nourish my mind, spirit and soul. These things are the precious assets I possess. Invest in them. They are the ones that will get you closer to your dream.
I believe you must immerse yourself in your dream. This is the only way you’ll stay inspired and overcome obstacles.
My dream is to become an inspirational blog writer. It’s an impossibility to some, but a possibility for me. I do not understand why they can’t see that.
But it’s my stubbornness that also helps me keep going.
And when negativity has enter my heart. I have not let it destroy my dreams. Even when things are discouraging.
You have to keep going everyday. Push yourself to win by seeking new higher levels even if you’re scared. You don’t know how scared I am to fail. But I am here aren’t I?
It’s your responsibility to accomplish your goal. Then reap the big rewards that come with your hard earn sweat.
Just do it even if you don’t know where to start by grinding everyday.
I haven’t reached the height of my success yet and I work on this every day. Work has allowed me to stop thinking about quitting.
Part of life is overcoming the road blocks standing in your way by making a difference in a person’s life.
And how exciting would it be if you start with yours?
So, do not give up on yourself. I imagine the difference achieving my goal will make in my life.
And I will not stop until I have let out my last dying breath when I am old and wrinkly.
But before then, I will rise above all adversities by getting better daily. Finding ways to inspire and make a difference in myself first.
The idea of being an inspirational writer, keeps me alive. I truly see a book published having my name. This is something I want to prove to myself.
The art of inspiring is a craft I haven’t yet mastered and I am learning everyday. I find space to learn it.
Brendon Burchar once said something similar, “It’s your responsibility to achieve your goal when people disagree with you.” So, it’s best I hold on tight to my dreams and goals.
I am.
Because mastering the art of inspiration will allow me to spend more time with the things I love most like: family and inspirational writing.
I want to use this gift and share it with the world because it has done wonders in me. I have achieved a lot in life by feeling inspired.
What better way to enjoy life doing the things I love most. You get the point? Just get inspired.
Start by being hard on yourself by setting goals.
To make a difference in your own life you must master your fears. They matter in achieving goals.
Adopt a healthy self-improvement journey in your life. Be competitive with your own self. It will take you places never before imagined.
Start by defining a goal and knowing where it will take you. It loses direction if you don’t tell it. Your goal should have direction.
Choose a direction filled with happiness and joy. If possible choose a route with mental and spiritual awakening. I have.
You’ll eventually achieve your goal along the way. Just remember that it’s the small differences in life that will help you keep going.
Also do everything possible to achieve it.
I am doing everything I can. My ultimate goal is to publish an inspiring book that will encourage people to achieve theirs. I am not giving up on that.
I have come this far by setting goals and believing something special out there is for me.
Believe there’s something special waiting for you too.
The only thing waiting for me is inspiring people. I enjoy sharing my knowledge with the rest. I do it by pushing myself to grow each day.
It’s a great feeling doing what I love doing best in this world. And I want to do that again. So, I took up the challenge to learn how to inspire by setting up a blog and sharing it.
Last week I inspired one person, and it’s those little differences that help me keep going.
The more I inspire the further my confidence grew. I know I can do this.
Just work intelligently, persistently and you’ll prevail. The more you invest in yourself the more you’ll succeed.
Opportunities will open up to you the more you work on yourself. Allow yourself to be open.
I take every opportunity that will help me improve.
I am always on alert implementing new ideas to get better.
“Wow this is a good idea,”
I write it down to and share it.
Despite writing for years I know writing it will replace my day job. As I constantly work on getting better. I feel it getting closer.
I believe words change people. That is why it has caught my attention, how they heal, mold and transform people. As an aspiring writer it’s my dream to have my work shared and
make a change in the world positively.
That is why I started a blog.
Nothing in this world is easy. Life is one long struggle and nothing is certain. I am not satisfied. So, I keep writing to change that dissatisfaction.
I wish I can work on your dream, but it would be emotionally draining. It’s your responsibility to work on yours.
Even when your family and friends are doubting you. Do not be surprised. You’ll come across that a lot. Do not take it personal.
Just keep improving yourself as you share your dreams to disapprovingly faces.
Perhaps they are right, but do not believe them. I don’t.

Lastly, don’t rush things too; slowly you’ll get further. I learned this lesson the hard way.

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