How Do I Get Rid Of My Saddle Bags?

HThe simple solution to losing your “saddle bags” might be in the opposite direction you’ve been looking. Find out the secret to melting away those thighs for good without living at the gym.
What are “saddle bags” you might be asking yourself and why are they so difficult to get rid of? Genetically we all have predetermined areas of fat storage. Men typically carry extra fat on their lower abdomens and for women it’s usually the hips and thighs. “Saddle Bags” are nothing more than a place your body stores excess fat tissue.
Since genetics play such an important role you might be feeling as though you’ll be stuck with that extra hip padding forever. What if I told you that the solution is at your disposal? Although you cannot change your genetic make-up you can definitely lean out those saddle bags by employing a few simple strategies.
Let’s first expel the myth that you must work the hips themselves in order for them to lean out. The fact is that although hip and outer thigh exercises are important, you will never see a drop in pant size unless your primary goal is fat loss.
“Spot reduction” is a myth that has been around for ages. Unfortunately, you cannot burn fat from specific areas of your body. You cannot do 1000 sit-ups a day in order to have a flat stomach or banish your “Oprah Arms” by working your arms endlessly. This may indeed tone and strengthen the muscles underneath the layer of fat but you will never visually see a difference unless you can drop your total body fat percentage.
The thing with your genetics is that you cannot control where the fat is burned off first or last – All you can do is burn fat as much as possible. If you were to have a 3-5% drop it total body fat when the only excess fat you were carrying was on your thighs you would defiantly notice a visible change. Although, don’t be alarmed if you notice your arms, back and abdominals becoming more defined before the hips start to pull though.
Now if you Google “Best Fat Loss Methods” you will come across 1,100,000 results. That can be very confusing. Where do you even begin? You want to feel good about your body, confident in a bikini, feel proportionate but the thought of spending 7 hours in the gym a week sounds terrible. You like your wine and cheese and morning lattes and don’t really want to give those up either. One fat loss method tells you to eat cookies all day, another to drink lemon salt water, and another says to eat more in order to weigh less. I’m exhausted already from just thinking about all those options.
Here are 5 simple tricks so that you can say Bye Bye to your “saddle bags” for good without having to employ any crazy diet strategies and without having to train for a marathon.
1) Eliminate 250 calories from your diet every day. This could be as simple as not having a nightly snack, having a smoothie for breakfast instead of a muffin, or eliminating your morning mochaccino. Being in 250 calorie deficient each day could mean losing half a pound of week.
2) Burn 250 calories a day. This can easily be achieved by walking to and from work and taking the stairs each day. Or you could try doing a 20 minute cardio workout or 30 minutes of circuit training. Combining this with step 1 and you could end up losing 1 pound a week.
3) Strength Train 2 days a week. An increase in lean body tissue (muscle) will boost your metabolism. Not only will your muscles looked more toned and defined you will be burning extra calories a day even when you’re at rest.
4) Drink 2 liters of water a day. The more water you drink the less you will retain. A lot of times we tend to retain water in the same areas we have excess fat. By drinking 2 liters of water a day you will retain less water in those problem areas and it keeps your skin hydrated too.
5) Watch your alcohol consumption. I cannot stress this point enough. A lot of people are taking all the appropriate steps necessary towards total fat loss yet they forget just how many calories there are in alcohol. One social function a week that involves excess alcohol can ruin all of your hard work in the gym. Be moderate and if you must drink try and avoid beer and wine as they are extremely high in calories. 2 glasses of wine and your 30 minute run will go out the window.

Remember fat loss can be made simple by choosing to make small healthy choices throughout the day. These small changes can add up and will make you feel better about your body, feel more confident and in the long term help you achieve your goals.

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