Helps Keep Aging Skin Younger

Over time, aging causes the appearance of fine lines on the cheeks and the forehead begins to show visible horizontal wrinkles caused by the frown, which tend to become deeper over time. The skin does not lose and does not renew as quickly as we get older, we have a decrease in collagen that causes a loss of moisture and elasticity of the skin and a loss of facial volume that causes sagging. External factors can also affect our skin: from the harshness of winter to the cold wind and rain, causing redness and rough chapped skin, to sun damage, years of sunscreen tanning and sunburns. Sunburns those times when you did not apply sunscreen.

Aging Skin:

The cell turnover rate of the skin slows down, which makes the skin crimped finer.

There is less production of elastin and collagen, which makes aging skin vulnerable to the effects of gravity. This can result in shrimp and bags under the eyes.

Wrinkles appear when the skin becomes thinner, due to the reduction of elastin and collagen.

Age spots occur when skin pigment cells increase in certain areas and gather together, causing sun spots or liver spots and freckles. Aging skin has less sweat and sebaceous glands, which makes it prone to drying out.

Blood vessels are more likely to rupture, bruise, or dilate permanently, causing facial thread veins.

Facial muscles, like all muscles in the body, will contract and weaken over time. When facial muscles change, bags under the eyes, hollow or hollow eyelids, dark circles, and eyelid folds may appear. The fat deposits give your face its contours that are smooth when we are young, with more volume, but over time, the fat loses volume and changes position, making us look older. The cheeks and the undersides of the eyes lose their fat and slide along the face, thus making the cheeks flatter. Fat loss in the cheeks and jaw can cause jowls or a double chin.

Many cosmetic treatments can help aging skin look fresher, healthier and younger. Dermal limers can replace the volume loss in the cheeks, the tears under the eyes, the lines of the nose to the mouth, the line of the jaw and can swell thin lips. Botox provides excellent results for treating forehead wrinkles, lion wrinkles and crow’s feet around the eyes. Chemical peels and microdermabrasion are ideal treatments to exfoliate your skin. Remove dead, dull cells to improve texture and skin tone, giving your face a fresh, youthful look.

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