Heavy Is the Heart That Bears the Taunts

Prejudice has been around for years and growing stronger by the moment. Not every brand caters to heavily built women. A woman who is on the heavy side or obese is looked down and is termed a loser. She faces ridicule because she cannot shimmy into the latest designs. A good number of people look at fat people differently some even believe they lack basic intelligence! The term ‘plus size’ has come into effect quite recently I am told, though fat, huge, obese, repulsive, disgusting, heavy, pig, ox, cow, etc are used all the time.

Some questions as to why fat people do what they do with thought-provoking answers (hopefully). Here goes…


Question: Why does she stuff her face with food instead of cutting back?

This is a good question is suppose, but the reason why someone eats more is that she likes to, period. A fat person does believe that she should cut back on the heavy stuff it is just that her willpower is limited when it comes to food. There is another reason, the person has image issues therefore food is the only source of comfort. Hence, while everyone believes that the person hogs like a pig (the general chant), there IS always an emotional reason. Think about it!


Question: Why can’t she get out of the couch and exercise?

Again, a good question, but have you given it a thought as to why someone heavy finds it scary to join a gym. Most often, a plus-sized woman feels uncomfortable in the midst of a group of toned and svelte women who look disparagingly at her. Some even wonder if they can use the exercise equipment she has used! The woman who wants to lose weight eventually loses interest and stops going to the gym citing innumerable reasons. Okay so there are other modes of toning down, that is true. Walking is a wonder but at this point when a person is down, she makes excuses because she has serious doubts about herself. Think it over before judging!

So What

Question: Everyone has image issues, why do fat people always make excuses?

Okay, so we get it, the person has an eating problem and cannot take criticism! The question though harsh, does prove a point. However, a plus-sized woman invariably faces ridicule more often than any one! The reason for the innumerable excuses is that her morale has been shaken by people who should have had her back all along. Having said that it is true that everyone has a problem, so why single out the heavy women. A fat woman has to go the extra mile to deliver as compared to her co-workers, friends, family and society 24×7. Image issues plague fat women all the time, period. Women have it tough as it is on a regular basis so why single someone out just because she has a healthy appetite and/or does not exercise. Live and let live should be the mantra instead of picking on someone who you do not have respect for because she does not fit into designer clothes. Think about it, does any law state that one has to be a certain size – this is a societal diktat.

Aside from the Q&A, it is imperative to take into account sentiment. A plus sized person’s flaws are there for everyone to see, it is evident. She cannot hide this, period. However, when a woman is treated with disrespect because of a double chin, flabby arms, thick thighs, a paunch, does that seem right? The bottom line is that we are all differently made people and when we turn on our own the hurt can continue for years. Obesity is s killer illness – true but give it a thought, did you contribute to making someone stay fat or get someone to the point where she cannot say no to food? Every single one of us wants to look like the amazing model in advertisements. A plus sized woman has to prove herself to everyone all the time. She cannot sit down and take life easy (though people believe this). The reality is that she has to ‘market’ her unique selling points all the time for people to take her seriously. Come on people, let’s think out of the box and give niceness a chance, shall we, before we all become excessively critical, gunning towards defenseless, kind and big-hearted women.

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