Hair Loss Reasons You Should Know

Have you recently noticed the fall of a lot of hair and are you unknown to the reason? There is nothing to be scared because with the advance in medical science, even bald people can be cured by a hair transplant surgery or a hair replacement procedure or medication, but before opting for any of these restoration options capillaries, let’s analyze some of the most common reasons that cause hair loss.

Reasons for Hair loss:

Stress or illness

If you have recently gone through physical or emotional stress or a chronic illness, this can cause a sudden hair loss. Stress, for example, money related emergencies, family issues, a mishap or anything. This sudden stress or illness pushes your hair in the last phase that is coming off. But there is nothing you should do here, as your hair will grow back once the stress or illness phase ends.

Pregnancy for women

You may experience a small amount of hair loss during the pregnancy phase, but you may experience a large amount of hair loss after giving birth to your baby. But there’s nothing you need to do here, your hairs will grow in a few months.

Vitamin A

Anything that is consumed in the access can be harmful, the same happens with vitamin A, if you consume a regular dose of vitamin A more than what your body requires, you will experience hair loss. To avoid this, it is enough to stop the consumption of vitamin A.

Protein deficiency

If you do not supply an adequate amount of protein to your body. You will experience a thick to medium hair loss after two to three months of regular protein deficiency. Hair loss due to protein deficiency can be restored by including protein sources in your diet.

Hormonal imbalance

Due to medication: This happens when you are taking supplements or medications to stimulate or restore hormones, for example, to treat infertility. This hormonal change in your body can also cause hair loss. If you are taking any medication or supplement that causes a hormonal imbalance, talk to your doctor immediately and ask them to change your supplement or medication, this will solve your hair loss problem.

Deficiency of anemia

Iron deficiency in the body can cause hair loss; Other symptoms of anemia include pale skin, cold legs, and hands, fatigue, headache. Your doctor will perform a blood test to confirm any problem of this type and to solve it, will provide iron supplements for oral intake.

Vitamin B deficiency

Vitamin B deficiency in the body can also cause hair loss. To solve this, you need to add supplements and diet that are rich in vitamin B.

Sudden Weight Loss

If you recently joined a weight loss program and managed to lose a lot of weight very quickly, congratulations on your weight loss, but the sudden loss of weight is a physical trauma to your body that can cause a big fall hair related. To solve any problem of this type, it is recommended to ask your instructor to prepare a diet plan that is rich in protein and can fill the deficiency, although your body will take almost six months to restore it normally.

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