Growing A Larger Penis With Hand Exercises – 2 Important Tips To Make Exercises Even More Effective

By themselves, natural hand exercises work very well for growing a larger penis consistently, safely, and permanently. However, there are 2 other things you can do (that are natural by the way) to help make these exercises even more effective and pleasurable. If you would take a couple of minutes out of your day and read on, in today’s article I’m going to share with you those 2 things I did in conjunction with doing natural penis exercises that helped me with adding an extra 2 inches to my size in less than 8 weeks.

The Parallels To Body-Exercises – You see, when you are exercising your body to either/or improve your overall health, lose weight, burn fat, and build muscle, diet and exercise alone may not be enough. Sometimes you need to include supplements into your program to help the process of you getting the results you’ve wanted. The same goes for making your penis grow bigger.

There are a few vitamins and minerals that I recommend you get each day to help with increasing blood flow into your penile shaft. With having more blood flowing into your penile shaft, you will only be helping natural hand exercises become even more effective for growing a longer, thicker, and harder penis erection. This is made even more effective given that just doing hand exercises alone will actually increase blood flow, so just imagine what would happen if you included natural vitamins and minerals into the picture…

Now, the best vitamins and minerals that I recommend you include into your supplement stash to help increase blood flow (and actually improve many other areas of your overall health) are:

  • Super B Complex (Also helps with your heart, immune system, and energy levels.)
  • Mens Multi-Vitamins (Opti-Men and Animal Pak are my favorites)
  • l-arginine (This helps speed up blood flow to your genital area by dilating blood vessels, and will also help in developing fuller erections.)
  • Ginseng (Prevents degeneration of your blood system, it can help improve cholesterol levels, increase energy, reduce fatigue, and more.)
  • Ginkgo Biloba (Helps with memory loss, overall brain health, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, sexual problems, and more.)
  • Zinc (Helps repair and build cells and tissues, improves muscle growth, helps maintain strong healthy bones, helps immune system, it will help with building reproductive cells for normal sexual function, and since zinc is in semen and roughly 15 mg of zinc is lost during ejaculation, it’s important for us men to resupply the body with it.)
  • l-lysine (Also helps with improving healthy skin, ligaments, tendons, and more.)

All of those supplements above are 100% natural, they will help speed up blood flow into your penile shaft, they help with many areas of your overall health, and typically do not cause any side-effects as long as you take the appropriate amount.

Making Exercises Even More Pleasurable – Natural hand exercises no matter what are very easy to do, pain-free, and they don’t cause soreness (as long as you are using lubricants). This is because natural hand exercises are done without any equipment, they are carefully designed by professionals in both the medical and science fields, and the exercises are tailor-made to the anatomy of the penis.

That being said, there are some things that can still end up causing pain and soreness with these exercises. The most common issues are doing routines that are not found in reputable penis exercise guides, doing the routines for long periods of time, doing them too hard, and not using a natural lubricant. But what I wanted to talk to you about today is in regards to what’s surrounding the manhood… and that would be pubic hair. If you want to make these exercises even more enjoyable, then I highly recommend that you cut your pubic hair.

Cutting your pubic hair will decrease discomfort from the constant pulling actions you’ll have to do when doing natural hand exercises. Also, this will provide the additional benefit of making your penis appear bigger as well! To cut your pubic hair, I recommend you start off with small clippers, and then finish with using mild shaving cream and gently shave the remaining hairs.

So, you can certainly grow bigger with natural exercises, but if you include those 2 tips above, you can help the growth process even more, you can make doing these exercises even more pleasurable, and as a bonus, you can improve your overall health as well.

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