Getting Creative With Your Routine

Variety is the spice of life, as nothing can season blandness like a multitude of flavors.  It is important to keep a well-rounded approach to every aspect of life and rely on this spice to keep us full and satisfied.  Our fitness mentality is also hungry for diversity, and it is our responsibility to feed it the zesty sustenance it craves.  If we get bored with our work out routine, we are more likely to resign before our term at the gym has ended. 

And if our muscles get likewise uninspired, their lack of interest will show (or not show), because if a work out can’t keep their attention, they won’t attract the attention they should.  So let’s keep our body excited and never let it go unnoticed.  A well-rounded approach to fitness consists of strength training, cardio, and flexibility or core involvement.  A perfect way to mix these three ingredients into our recipe for achievement is through fitness classes.  You’ve seen the groups studying hard in the gym classrooms, as they learn the secret to maintaining a successful body; to continue to shock and stimulate each muscle.  

We all know at this point the importance of physical fitness, benefits to exercise, why people should exercise.  Below is an explanation of what each class entails and the wisdom you’ll gain from each course.  It’s time to get creative with your fitness regimen with our free exercise tips and fitness routines!

Yoga: This highly practiced routine is an oasis for your physical and mental well-being, regulating the internal systems within the body.  Physical postures allow your body to bend, stretch, and twist, sending oxygen throughout the bloodstream and catering to each organ.  It awakens endocrine, digestive, respiratory, and reproductive functions.  A focus is placed on your breathing technique to promote relaxation and stress reduction.  These strengthening stretches will help you discover peace on the inside and lose inches on the outside.

Pilates: This exercise was designed by Joseph Pilates and has been used to train dancers for years.  It focuses on strengthening our core muscles and lengthening our spine, while exerting its power to sculpt.  We all know that if you have a strong foundation, every part of your body with flourish.  You will leave the classroom feeling longer, leaner, and more defined.  Talk about a good definition lesson!

It is important to realize that while yoga and pilates both work wonders for our flexibility, they are two separate practices that offer distinct health and fitness benefits.  Therefore, add both of these courses to your gym schedule and retake them each semester.   

Cycling/Spinning: Take your heart rate for a high intensity ride on a specially designed stationary bike.  In this class, you’ll follow the instructor through a course of flat roads and strength enduring hills, as you continue to climb and then sprint to the finish line.  It will be the wildest adventure you’ll ever endure while remaining in one place.  

Kickboxing: In this aerobic class, you will kick and punch your way through a variety of choreographed cardio segments.  While forced to keep your guard up, your energy and excitement levels will never come down.  You have to keep up physically and mentally, as this fast moving routine requires coordination and memorization.  It keeps each muscle fiber and your brain stimulated.

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