Get Rid Off Bacterial Vaginosis and Live Healthy

Bacterial Vaginosis is not a sexually transmitted infection yet is occurs more commonly in women who are sexually active. Also known as vaginal bacterosis, it most commonly causes vaginal infections. Before it got its current name the condition was termed as Gardnerella Vaginitus, named after the bacterium that was known to cause it. How ever, later research showed that it was caused by the presence of more than one species of bacteria. The condition is basically caused when theses bacteria start growing in excess.

The condition itself is not fatal but the symptoms can cause nuisance. Most of the women who suffer from this condition actually present no symptoms at all. When the symptoms are manifested they are in the form of vaginal discharge and odor. Some women experience very bad smelling discharge which is usually grayish white and thin in consistency and more prominent after intercourse. The woman presenting these symptoms should get herself examined properly so to rule out the more serious vaginal infections.

The cause of this condition has not been ascertained yet. Some doctors and researchers believe that it is caused by the type of bacteria and number of bacteria that exist together. The condition develops when the number of lactobacilli, the hydrogen peroxide producing species, is reduced. In contrast other species of bacteria grow in number specially the anaerobic; those not needing oxygen for their growth. The reason why this happens is still not known. Some reasons that are the suspected causes of this condition are smoking, vaginal douching, intrauterine devices used for contraception or having multiple or new sexual partners. The fact that sexually inactive women can also develop this condition rules out the factor of sexual activity in causing bacterial vaginosis.

Doctors perform different types of tests to confirm the presence of bacterial vaginosis and for ruling out the presence of a more serious and dangerous infection. Usually the most effective indicator of this condition is the presence of clue cells in vaginal discharge when viewed under a microscope. These cells are covered with bacteria and indicate bacterial vaginosis immediately. A PH level greater than 4.5 also indicates the presence of this condition.

It is commonly treated by a course of antibiotics that can be administered orally or in form of vaginal gel. Though, the most effective method is considered to be oral intake of antibiotic. The condition is recurrent in most cases and returns in a course of almost 12 months. Bacterial vaginosis can become harmful during pregnancy and is known to cause premature labor, uterine infection or infection of the amniotic fluid.

The good news for women is that they can get rid off bacterial vaginosis by restoring the vaginal flora to normal. The answer is simple and effective. Fem-Dophilus is the path that leads to a healthy life. Fem Dophilus is known for maintaining and restoring vaginal flora and hence improving vaginal health in general. One capsule daily ensures a healthy urinary tract and a healthy urinary tract is the most important factor that contributes to a woman’s over all health.

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