Fitness Tubes – Tips on How to Use Fitness Tubes Properly

Fitness tubes are made of very solid elastic material. They can cause a lot of damages, even hurt you badly if they are accidentally released during the workout. Here are a few practical safety tips.

  1. Only use steady objects – With workouts where fitness tubes have to pass around objects like poles, chairs etc., make sure that these object are steady enough and that there is no risk of them collapsing during the exercise.

The same applies to exercises that require you to attach the band to a hook on the wall. You should make sure that the hook is solidly fixed before you attempt the workout.

  1. Avoid heat, cold and sharp objects – Heat and other abnormal conditions will quickly damage the elasticity of the latex band and reduce its effectively and even cause it to break during the exercise.

Another thing you should be aware of is the fact that old and worn out bands can easily break. This doesn’t happen very often but it’s nevertheless a real risk.

You should therefore, as far as possible only use relatively new tubes. Or at least before starting out, you should check out the condition of the elastic tube.

  1. Keep the door closed – If you are exercising indoors, make sure that the door is properly closed and that nobody will walk in by accident and cause you to lose control over the elastic band.

  2. Don’t overstretch the band. Typically most elastic bands are made so as to not exceed a certain threshold. As a matter of principle, you should never stretch the cord over 3 times its normal length.

Properly used, fitness tubes can allow you to effectively build muscles. Because they are so versatile, you can take them with you everywhere you go and still use safely them.

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