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Easy to use WordPress File Manager plugin, which enables the users to view, edit and create files in the WordPress folder and its sub-folders. It has simple and elegant interface and can be easily used even by beginners. It has Windows-styled GUI, context menu (right click menu) shortcuts and image editing capabilities.

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Update Version 7.5 (10 March 2020):

  • Small Library Update
  • Documentation Link fix
  • Bug Fixes

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Update Version 7.5 (22 August 2019):

  • Advanced Image Editor
  • Multiple Custom Roles for single user support.
  • Audio & Video Previews
  • Bug Fixes

Update Version 7.2 (25 June 2018):

  • View Office documents / PDFs in preview via google docs (right click > preview).
  • Fixed google chrome add-ons conflict.
  • Added option to change filemanager window height.
  • Improved user’s page with ajax pagination and search.
  • Other Bug Fixes.
  • Added callback hooks.
  • Improved Metro Theme.

Update Version 7.0 (7 Feb 2017):

  • Added themes to filemanager window.
  • Alows to hide file url
  • Allows to view documents in Google Docs (only the formats supported by google docs)
  • A few fixes

Update Version 6.0 (15 June 2016):

  • Elfinder 2.1 Updated
  • Folder Upload Support
  • Admin and User Email notifications on file upload.
  • Toolbar and Context Menu Customize
  • Folder Depth Set
  • Read/Upload Access Added
  • Better iPad/iPhone Support
  • Better Custom User Roles Support
  • Other Bug Fixes

Update (Auto-Update) Version 5.5 (8 October 2015):

Added the feature to restrict visibility of the filemanager for User groups, example shortcode:

[fm_access group='administrator']
[filemanager foldername="*"]

The above code will allow only administrators to see the filemanager. This will help you add more than one filemanager in the front-end, each for one user group (user role).

Update Version 5.3 (10 December 2014):

  • Added WPML Support.
  • Image Sync Bug Fixed.
  • Other Minor Bug Fixes.
  • Added Auto Updates Support.

Update Version 5.2 (13 July 2014):

  • Allows to disable default folders.
  • Shortcode that allows to view all the folders assigned to the user in the front-end.

Update Version 5.0 (22 June 2014):

  • Multi-Root Access For Folders.
  • Group Users Access.
  • Bug Fixes.
  • Multiple Folders (Single Root) On The Front-end.

Update Version 4.0 (26 September 2013):

  • Multi-Folder Access.
  • Optional Same Folder Access to All Users.
  • Generate Shortcodes for each Folder.
  • Multiple Folders On The Front-end.
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Other Features

Ban Access to Specified Users. <br />

Enable/Disable File Manager. <br />

Auto Folder Creation For All Users.<br />

Icons for major file types, and thumbnails for images. <br />

Supports Image editing (crop, rotate, resize). <br />

Admin can set access permissions (Read/Write) for different users.<br />

Admin can set folder permissions for different users. <br />

Drag and Drop Support. <br />

Cut/Copy/Paste Support. <br />

Upload Files / Create Files. <br />

Create Archives (Zip, Tar, BZip, GZip). <br />

Text File Editing. <br />

Icons / List Views. <br />

Right-Click Menus. <br />

Admin can show the file manager in the front-end of the website using a short-code (more details in the documentation), only visible to the users who have permission for it.<br />

*This Plugin is based on an Open-Source File-Manager <a href="" rel="nofollow"> elfinder</a> integrated with WordPress and additional Features listed above.<br />

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MWR says:
Its great to hear that u r working on ur great plugin! Thanks for the great support.

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FYI ….this works great!


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