Feel Better About Yourself: 7 Habits to Increase Self-Worth

Here are seven areas that you can work on each day that will help you realize and increase your self-worth.

1. Self Talk

What are some of the things that you’re saying to yourself?

Take time to think about those thoughts that come up and don’t judge yourself for having those thoughts.

Just realize that those thoughts are yours and you’re having them at the moment. If you have unkind thoughts about yourself or about who you are, ask yourself if you would talk to somebody else like that.

If not, then take time to find how you would talk to yourself in regard to those items.

Would you look at somebody and say, “You really suck at cooking?” Of course not, but you might say, “Hey, would you be interested in taking a cooking class with me?”

In this way, instead of noting the negative you are creating an opportunity for the positive to flow into your life.

Don’t tell yourself you’re fat – ask yourself if you’d be willing to walk a little bit further by parking at the back-end of the parking lot instead of next to the door.

It is all about taking small steps for great change!

2. Support Network

Boosting your self worth is much easier when you find people who are supportive of who you are and what you’re doing.

Don’t be afraid to decline invitations to events that may pull you back down or hold you back from becoming your greatest self.

When you turn down invites to events to hang out with people who would hold you back you are opening up the doors to let in people and events that will help you grow.

Find make time for activities that bring you more joy in your life and allow you to feel more fulfilled.

3. Appreciate Yourself

Have you ever thought about what others appreciate in you have you taken the time to ask them?

Simply Having a kind word from someone who we love can go a long way we trust that person for good reason it’s because we value their insights.

Sometimes having their perspective will shed light on some of the unique qualities that we are not aware about.

Take time today and ask a close friend or a family member one thing they appreciate about you. Then make sure to grab your journal and write down their words.

There are times when you can go back and read those words for an extra boost to lift you up and make you feel better.

4.Emotional Triggers

Triggers are the things that make you go boom emotionally. What are the triggers in your life?

Are there words, decisions, comments, or actions that cause you to emotionally go off?

If you can learn why you’re triggered to respond you will begin to understand yourself in a better way.

This will help you to know what it is that needs healing within your heart.

5. Switch Your Focus

Focus on kindness to find more self-worth in you.

When you began helping others it will help you to see your own worth.

It’s hard to think you don’t have value if you are able to add value to another’s lives.

So instead of focusing on all the things that are wrong with you, begin to focus on how can I serve others what can you give back to your community and family.

Kindness is a high-value trait and cultures all across the world. When we develop a heart and a mind of kindness our self-worth and our Worth to the world will increase.

6. Gratitude

Practicing gratitude is an amazing opportunity to grow our self worth.

When we appreciate qualities that make us each beautiful and unique, we turn our focus to the good that is within us every day.

Finding self-worth is easier when we realize that we are not the only one who is struggling.

Take time to write a few things each day that you appreciate about your self on the inside.

I want you to write down the things that are unique to just your last 24 hours. When you approach it on a 24-hour rule, you will not be sucked into the habit of writing down the same thing each day.

7. Acknowledge Struggles

Taking the time each day to realize that you are not struggling alone. It will give you greater clarity about your place in the world.

It is not about saying,”I’m not as bad as the other person,” or, “My life isn’t as hard as theirs”. It is about acknowledging did we are not alone in this world and we all have a place.

It is about knowing and what we are going through it’s not something that has never been survived.

There is growth in our struggles. Therefore the more we struggle, the more we grow.The more we grow, the greater our value. The more value we have, the more we can offer the world.

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Source by Chad Nedland

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