Fancy Paper Jewelry

Everybody knows that amazing things can be created out of paper, from handmade invitations to dresses, all finding their place in the magical world of paper. But as imagination has no limits, some of us have unleashed their creativity and created something new and amazing… paper jewelery!

Probably some of you are familiar have a slight knowledge about with the definition and the primary function of the paper, that it is an even and papery material used as a support for writing. But over time, many artists and creators proved that paper is much more than previously considered.

The power of the paper was underestimated for a long time, but the passion of the artists proved how wrong our ancestors were They started with a famous plane, then a ship and after more complex decorative objects such as architectural structures, dresses, wedding invitation and many more. A couple of days ago, I came across over another creative way to capitalize on paper, which is making and creating paper jewelery.

How it’s made?

Do not panic -the whole making process is very simple and accessible for everybody. If you look carefully around in house, more likely you are going to find some old magazines or newspaper that just lay around. Instead of throwing them out, you can capitalize on them creatively and wisely. If you want to make some simple accessories, choose a newspaper, but if you want a jewelery that stand out, choose the magazines (they add color and brightness).

I recommend simple models for the beginners the debutantes should not try first complicate models, such as a ring.

The paper ring is very easy and affordable -all you need is a piece of paper, which you model it by folding. If you can not do it alone, you can search on the Internet all kinds of videos and tutorials that teach you to master the art of folding paper. For those who are brave enough to try more complex models, I wish to share the secret of making paper beads by the technique called quilling. For those not yet familiar with this name, quilling is a form of art that implies using paper tapes, which are rolled and glued together to create different kinds of models. The work is wrapped around a needle to create a base coil form. Here you have the steps for making paper tapes.

1st step: first you need a sheet of paper. It does not matter the size, but is preferable to choose a A4 or Letter size. The sheet of paper can be plain white or any other color you like.

2nd step: Grab a ruler and measure the desired dimensions. For a better precision, you can draw a slight line with a sharp pencil.

3rd step: Cut the paper with a cutter or scissors.

4th step: Take the paper that you cut and wrap it around a thin object, for example a toothpick.

5th step: Also the last step. You glue the paper and the paper bead is ready.

Why choose paper jewelery?

Paper jewelery have both advantages and disadvantages have both positive and negative parts. The biggest disadvantage would be the low resistance of the jewelery, because the paper can break or wet, and in this case the jewelery is ruined. But if we take good care of these jewelery, we can extend the life of these pretty objects. Now let’s take a look at the bright side of paper jewelery. First of all, they are unique (every model in born out of your own imagination and creativity), the paper is a affordable material and everywhere at hand, you can create these models at home alone or together with your friends, you can create original and unique handmade gifts for your family or friends.

The conclusion is that paper is a special material, should not be underestimated and it is up to us if and how we capitalize on it. Besides joy and happiness, making paper jewelery will help you relax and avoid daily stress and routine. It is also a good thing for our planet -creatively recycling the paper can help and save a lot of trees and forests.

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