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Thank you for choosing Social Slider plugin!

The best Social Slider plugin for WordPress on the market. Easy to install, 3 click configuration, awesome tabs design. Easy way to get more shares, more traffic, more fans and popularity.

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Features included:

  • Very easy to install
  • 3 click configuration
  • Language settings (you can choose your language)
  • Many ready presets (FB+TW, FB+TW+G+, etc.)
  • Left/right side of page available (flexible positioning)
  • Top/bottom margin configuration
  • Live preview
  • iPad, iPhone, other mobile devices support (disable/enable)
  • Facebook steam & faces support
  • Twitter support
  • Google+ support
  • YouTube (Video stream: uploads, favorites, playlist)
  • Vimeo support (Video stream: my videos (uploaded videos only), my channels, my albums) NEW
  • LinkedIn support NEW
  • Pinterest support NEW
  • Very fast loading – content is only loaded when required
  • Powered by jQuery (noConflict mode)
  • Behavior on click or hover
  • Multi tabs layout (small, medium, round)
  • Light/dark color scheme
  • Great support (24h)

Working with IE 7+, all FF, all Chrome, all Opera, Safari, mobile iOS and Android.

You get 5 stars awarded plugin special for WP websites. It is very easy way to get more fans, more shares and more traffic.

Facebook Likebox Slider for WordPress - 4


4.0.3 (24.10.2020)
- FIX: Instagram box did not show VIDEO media type
- FIX: Fixed closing Instagram box when using on-click open type

4.0.2 (10.2020)
- Added option to disable slider on selected pages

4.0.1 (09.2020)
- New settings panel
- Updated integration with Instagram
- Updated integration with YouTube
- Updated integration with Facebook
- Updated integration with pinterest
- Updated integration with VK
- Removed Vimeo support

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