Expand Your Capacity to Love – By Earle Josiah – Change Yourself and Your World With More Love

Expand Your Capacity to Love by Earle Josiah, ISBN 978-1-933918-14-3.

Josiah has given readers another in the series of enlightenment and self-improvement books. Josiah’s style is that of a coach, an old country evangelist, and a drill sergeant. The basic premise is to encourage real people to expand and nurture their ability to love and to be loved.

First, each person should enlarge their capacity for love and this will open them to the ability to love each human. He uses quotations from authors, philosophers and sacred writings to illustrate and actually validate his concepts. Universal Love is above or the higher expression of Human Nature. The nature of love is the basic idea. This principle develops into the Universal Love that transcends basic Human Nature making it stronger and better, seeking Universal Love.

Chapter 2 starts with “The sad truth is evil only comes about when, through ignorance, we forfeit the distinctive goodness with which we have been endowed. And it flourishes because of our failure to expand our capacity to love.” Evil is then from the lower nature making for lower existence. Seeking the higher Love position “lifts the veil of Darkness from your mind.”

From here to the end of the book, Josiah espouses the necessity of Universal Love being part and parcel of life and the development of Human Nature. Josiah’s treatment of each principle is to reiterate and step through each stage and each concept until there can be no doubt about the truth of what needs to happen to straighten the evils of the world and push it into Universal Love expressed by all and for all. In view of recent trends, he does spend a lot of time showing why we should remove ignorance and hatred in its many forms. There is one whole chapter on what racism does to block love for all of us. Then there is another one about the rational and reasoned basis for love, loving and producing more love within us and around us.

The work is of interest to those wishing to improve their lives and those needing to make it better. It will work for anyone struggling with being a better person and making positive impact in the world. With concise writing and continual building of logic and reason this is thorough and valuable. His other books should be equal in value to those who enjoy this.

Published by Enlightenment Books, 2007. ($13.49 USD SRP/Amazon $13.49 USD) Reviewer received book from author.

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