Enhance Child Development With Nine Simple Baby Yoga Poses

Yoga poses for infants are an ideal way to promote social, emotional and physical development. It is never too young to begin doing yoga. These nine poses provide a wonderful opportunity to bond while helping baby to relieve stress, calm the nervous system, increase neuromuscular development, improve digestion and ease gas pain, cultivate body awareness and aid the natural development of movement from birth to walking. The most important aspect of infant yoga is to enjoy the experience. So relax, smile, sing a song or two and know that you and your baby are growing and learning together. Namaste.
Swirlies – Hold baby close but facing outward, with one hand one her chest, other under the diaper. Circle baby’s hips in a clockwise motion keeping the belly/chest stationary.
Tiny Tugs – A diagonal stretch. Lie baby on floor on his back. Grasp one hand and the opposite foot. Gently stretch away from one another. Switch sides and repeat. Afterwards gently rub baby’s chest and belly.
Dolphin – Position baby on her tummy on your legs with her head away from you. Locate the baby’s sacrum (bottom triangle of the spinal column where the centre back belt buckle would be located) Using your first two fingers gently tap on the sacrum for 5-30 seconds. This soothes the nervous system.
Cross Overs – Rest baby on his back with his feet close to you. Grasp one hand and the opposite foot. Bring foot and hand together so they meet somewhere around the belly button, stretch away. Repeat 3-5 times then switch and repeat. Afterwards rest your hands on baby’s chest and share a smile.
Divine Drops – Holding baby securely in front of you. Stand with feet wide apart (like for a squat). Turn toes out. Inhale and fill your chest. Exhale, bend the knees and quickly drop down to a wide squat. Inhale, press feet into the floor and come back up. Repeat until fussiness subsides.
Hip Circles – Lay baby on her back with her feet close to you. Place your right hand on top of baby’s left hip to hold it steady. Place your left hand under baby’s right leg, grasping the upper leg. Draw a slow circle with baby’s knee moving outward to the side then circling knee toward the center of the chest. After a few rotations switch sides and repeat.
Rolio – Lay baby on her back with feet nearest you. Hold onto baby’s hands and feet in your two hands. Roll your baby’s body from side to side as fast or slow as she would like.
Kicky Cobra – Place baby on his belly facing away from you. Hold baby’s lower legs one in each hand. Begin to flutter kick his feet in alternating fashion.

Toes to Nose – Lay baby down on his back or have him sit on your lap (depending on development). Bring baby’s toes to his nose. Alternate sides. Repeat.

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